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RFID IT Asset Management in Education

Asset Management in Education

Colleges and Universities usually have a significant number of IT assets that have to be managed across multiple sites.  Keeping track of IT equipment can be a difficult task these days with so many portable devices in use.   To improve the control of IT assets, we are seeing a growing number of education establishments introducing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

Xerafy titanium tagWe work with colleges and universities both in the UK and throughout the world, regularly supplying them with tags and we are delighted to have just received another order from a University in the Middle East.

CoreRFID provides a full RFID IT Asset Management System as well as providing Consultancy and RFID hardware where organisations have their own in-house systems. We also offer personalised printing with logos and barcodes to help brand the RFID tags. For more information read our Warwickshire College case study.