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RFID just the ticket for Serco Caledonian Sleeper rail service

Serco Caledonian Sleeper rail service

CoreRFID has supplied the UK’s largest outsourcing company Serco with 100,000 RFID access cards for its Caledonian Sleeper railway service.

The cards will provide passengers with access to rooms and will improve security on routes between London and Scotland.

The cards are completely re-usable and replace paper-based RFID tickets, which were judged to not be as cost effective in the long-term.

Munzi Ali, technical director of CoreRFID comments: ‘Our knowledge and experience on similar work in the hotel industry helped us to meet the challenges of this project. Serco had specialist locks provided by a Spanish company and needed cards which were compatible. Consultancy is a big part of the larger projects we undertake and we were able to solve the issue with Serco.’

The Caledonian Sleeper service, which is operated by Serco as a standalone franchise, can trace its origins back to 1873. It serves a number of destinations in Scotland – including Inverness, Aberdeen, Fort William, Glasgow and Edinburgh – on route to and from Euston Station.

Graham Kelly, guest experience director at Serco Caledonian Sleeper, said: “Our new trains are designed to improve every aspect of the guest experience. We strive to deliver a hotel experience and a major part of that is having keycard entry for rooms. We’ve only been running our new trains for a few weeks but the feedback from guests on the keycard has been excellent, with CoreRFID’s solution proving extremely effective.”

Ali added: ‘RFID solutions can provide real benefits in efficiency, costs and in this case significantly cutting down on waste.’

CoreRFID’s clients include ICL and London Underground.