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RFID offers solution to ‘password fatigue’

With ‘password fatigue’ a growing problem, RFID technology now offers a solution – by enabling users to access different systems with a single sign-on using their smart card or mobile.

The latest RFID access control systems enable companies to maintain security while simplifying procedures and saving time for employees and are suitable for many different sectors. For example, in an office, they can be designed to allow employees to enter the building and access relevant software programs and rooms and in hospitals to enable authorised staff to dispense medicines or operate equipment.

There can also be used in smart factories, gyms and in fleet management and to help prevent sports fraud.

Richard Harrison, Sales Director of CoreRFID, says: “Research has shown that employees are tired of having to remember multiple passwords – particularly as most systems now require very complicated passwords and insist they are changed regularly. Two-factor authentification is making log-ins even slower.

“RFID systems provide a convenient and cost-effective solution and can be tailored to the needs of the business.”

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