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RFID sensor tags make condition monitoring simple

Supermarket chill cabinets, blood samples en route to the laboratory, industrial boilers and pressure vessels are all items that need careful monitoring to ensure they maintain the right temperatures or operate within permitted limits.

However trying to monitor their condition regularly and check they have not breached the limits can be difficult, especially if they are located over a wide area.

Now a new generation of RFID tags which incorporate sensors enables companies to automate the process and alert them where levels have been exceeded. CoreRFID has incorporated this new technology into its latest asset management software, Auto-CheckedOK.

Using Auto-CheckedOK, the tags take readings at set intervals and record the measurements, which are then transmitted to a reader and uploaded to the main system. Where a level has been exceeded the software will highlight this, enabling staff to take appropriate action.

Auto-CheckedOK builds on the success of CoreRFID’s existing CheckedOK system, which is used in industries worldwide.

Richard Harrison of CoreRFID, who has been involved in developing the new system, says: “Auto-CheckedOK will help solve the challenge facing operators which need to maintain assets at certain temperatures or conditions and we believe it could have applications in a wide range of industries – such as in the food supply chain, healthcare, manufacturing, engineering and property management.

“It will also save a large amount of time as it alerts staff to exceptions rather than having to read through large volumes of data to verify the condition of an item over period of time.”

For more information contact Richard Harrison on +44 (0)845 071 0985.