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RFID Technology from CoreRFID to Improve Asset Tracking in the Lift Industry

RFID Technology in the lift Industry


We have been approached by yet another organisation that wants to improve the traceability of their high value assets.  This time that asset is safety doors.

When lift shafts are being installed, temporary safety doors must be installed to ensure the area is safe and secure. These safety doors are high value assets and not only do they need to be checked in and out of each job, they must be assessed for any damage which has occurred on site.

danger-lift-signUsing handwritten numbers doesn’t work very well on building sites, as they can easily be rubbed off or covered in dirt, making them impossible to read. RFID tags, chosen specifically for their ruggedness, are durable and ensure that all doors can be easily identified and accounted for.

Due to the nature of building sites, doors can easily be damaged.  This damage is recorded and photographs taken and stored as evidence.  Any costs incurred due to loss or damage can now be recovered from the customer.  Traceability and management of the doors will also be much improved and any doors going from one job to another without being returned to storage will be fully traceable.Lift doors

Munzi Ali, Technical Director at CoreRFID said “We are seeing a growing number of organisations approaching us for an RFID asset management system in order to keep better control of their high value assets.  We work with customers to choose the hardware most suited to the environment in which they operate and our system will help them improve the traceability of their assets, whilst reducing costs.”