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RWE implementing Asset Tracking System

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RWE: the latest user for CoreRFID’s Asset Tracking System

CoreRFID are now working with RWE Generation on implementing our Asset Tracking Solution, CheckedOK with the main aim to provide better control of assets when they are booked out of stores and on-site. The RWE Generation installation follows the success of CheckedOK with ESB at their Aghada Power station.

Asset Tracking Solution
RWE Generation UK is responsible for generating electrical power for almost 10 million British homes and operates power stations right across the country.

CheckedOK lets the user book assets out of stores showing asset details such as date last inspected, next inspection date and a traffic light display (red = out of date, green = in date, amber = due within next 30 days) showing the asset’s status. The CoreRFID system links to the system used by RWE’s third party inspection company.  Inspection results and asset details are sent to the CheckedOK system which provides a rugged PDA option with RFID for checking assets on site. Returning assets are also scanned and can be put into stores or quarantine depending on their condition as confirmed by their inspection results.

This allows RWE to stop users from using assets that are not in date, and therefore deemed un-safe, improving the overall safety of RWE’s Asset Tracking System process. Some of the assets that are inspected include;

  • Lifting Gear – Components or equipment used between the lifting appliance and the load or to grip the load
  • Slings – Used with a lift or crane in order to facilitate lifting
  • Shackles – Used to connect the load lifting device (hoist hook/sling) and the load to be lifted
  • Loose Tackle – Lifting accessory used to attached a load to lifting equipment
  • Hoist –  Used for lifting or lowering a load by means of a drum or lift-wheel around which rope or chain wraps

The system also provides easily accessible reports that help control the location and usage of assets.  Filters on the reporting system select assets by user or  location and allow export or the resulting report information to Excel for further analysis.