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RFID helps builders of Nightingale hospitals

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RFID is helping builders working on the new Nightingale hospitals to track vital equipment.

CoreRFID is supplying readers and RFID tags to enable construction workers locate the large number of items used to build and fit out new medical facilities.

The tags, which are attached to the items, can be read by scanners from up to two meters away and without needing a line of sight to the assets. The items’ locations and description are then automatically uploaded to the contractors’ database, which enables fast stock checks to ensure kit is in the right place when it’s needed.

RFID access control systems are also being supplied to restrict entry to authorised personnel and so reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

CoreRFID has also been fulfilling orders from local authority and private care homes for both tracking kit and access control.

Technical director at CoreRFID Munzi Ali says: ‘Our staff are working remotely but everyone readily volunteered to come to the distribution centre to ensure the equipment got to the NHS and the care homes as fast as possible.

‘We’ve had unprecedented demand in the past month across the UK from councils, care homes and contractors and while every request is and will be fulfilled quickly, we naturally looking forward to the situation returning to normal.’

CoreRFID has provided tracking solutions to the NHS and firms working the emergency services.