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Tracking Bins With RFID

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RFID helps the refuse disposal and recycling industry to improve the efficiency of collection services.

mgb-logo1CoreRFID is pleased to be supplying MGB Plastics with RFID tags to be fitted in their recycling bins.   MGB Plastics is the UK’s largest manufacturer of wheeled bins supplying domestic and industrial recycling bins, caddies and kerbside boxes.

Checking Bins Have Been Emptied

product-240-litre-wheelie-bin-new2RFID tags are used by local councils to check that all bins on a round have been processed. They also provide a way of reuniting misplaced bins with the premises they belong to.

Birmingham City Council is one of the UK pioneers of bins with RFID and are users of MGB RFID tagged bins. Birmingham consider that the equipping bins with RFID is helping them towards their target of reducing refuse collection costs by £3 million a year.

Bins With RFID Help Distribution Services

MGB Plastics is using low frequency RFID tags. These also allow them to offer distribution of bins direct to households. The service means that Councils do not have to hold stocks of bins locally. CoreRFID can also provide UHF and high frequency tags for similar applications.