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UHF RFID Innovation from Kathrein

UHF RFID Reader for outdoor applications

New UHF RFID readers extend the possibilities of new RFID applications.

Kathrein, a German company with a long track record in antenna design, has introduced a range of fixed point UHF RFID readers that offer ways to solve the problems of establishing RFID data collection points across a factory, warehouse or storage site.

UHF RFID Reader for outdoor applications
The Kathrein reader family can be used in out door applications such as vehicle movement control.

The RRU4000 is a series of out-door capable (they offer IP67 protection with a wide temperature operating range of -20º to +55ºC) UHF RFID readers. They can connect antennas through 4 ports (giving a maximum connectivity possibility of 32 antennas).

We think that the combination of connection types, installation mounting options, size and power supply will make this an attractive option for out-door and warehouse / depot applications.

The RRU4000 implements support for the Kathrein KRAI antennas*. The reader can control these antennas for example to change the polarity of the antenna during reading. This allows readers to cope with tags detected with differing orientation or changing movement relative to the antenna.

UHF RFID Connectivity

We particularly like the flexibility in connectivity that the RRU4000 offers. It can connect to host systems using wired Ethernet (and can draw power from the Ethernet connection too) but can alternatively connect using wifi or via its own on-board 3G sim card. Since the reader has its own Linux-based processor for running applications, it can function as an autonomous data collection station in a location remote from the host system.

You can find out more about the RRU40000 by viewing a video and downloading a fact sheet from our on-line shop and you can contact us to discuss how the Kathrein reader could be used in your application. The readers follow the RAIN standard for UHF RFID which is gaining wide acceptance across the industry.

*The phase control elements integrated into the KRAI antennas allow for static or dynamic adjustments of antenna characteristics. Four different polarisations can be selected: RHCP, LHCP, horizontal linear, and vertical linear. Users can select between static polarisation and automatic switch-over.  The Kathrein RFID Antenna Interface is transmitted over the standard antenna cable, so no additional lead or connection is required.