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Vibration Safety With RFID Custom Tags

Safety With RFID Custom Tags

New safety tags for vibration exposure monitoring from CoreRFID.

Reactec is a specialist provider of products designed to help businesses to protect their employees from the risks associated with exposure to high intensity vibration. They also help users to demonstrate conformance to health and safety legislation.  CoreRFID has worked with Reactec from the very beginning on the design and development of RFID tool tags. These tags can be fitted to machinery in order to identify the level of risk it poses.

Recently, Reactec introduced a new version of their product. CoreRFID was proud to be asked once again to provide the customised tags for the new version of the safety system.

The new tags combine improved ruggedness with the ability for Reactec’s customers to add equipment-specific printed detail on their own sites.

Here’s one of the new safety tags in place on a tool…

havwear tagged toolFind out more about Reactec here: Corerfid’s Reactec Case Study.

You can also visit their web site to find out about their Havmeter system here: www.reactec.com

or see the product in action on the Reactec You-tube channel.

You can also find out more about our services to help customers needing customised RFID tags : Core RFID’s Custom Tag Development