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CoreRFID helps recycling firm improve efficiency of oil collections

A new system we’ve developed is helping a leading waste recycling business to make its oil waste collection more efficient. 

Augean PLC serves over 2,000 clients nationwide using its specialist Hipod™ collection bins, which are left at clients’ sites and collected when they are full. The oil-contaminated waste they contain is then transported to authorised facilities for treatment and the containers are reused.

The new system will enable Augean to track its bins – by scanning RFID tags embedded in them – from pick-up to their return and the information will be automatically downloaded into into a standalone database.

Augean, which is headquartered in Wetherby and operates a further 12 sites across the UK, is a leader in sustainable and compliance-led hazardous waste management for challenging sectors such as engineering, petro-chemical manufacture and radioactive waste producers.

Paul Lealman, Head of Operations (Waste) at Augean PLC, comments: ‘All records were maintained manually on paper and it offered very little control over the asset base. The new RFID tracking gives us full visibility of our operations.

‘The bins are only collected when they are full, which could be a matter of days to months depending upon the customer. This visibility gives the business a greater understanding of the sales cycle for each client and will enable us to plan and work much more effectively.’

‘It also removes the chore of manual tracking for our drivers, electronic signatures will now be used as proof of delivery and inspection which will generate a cost saving right from the start.’

Munzi Ali, CoreRFID’s technical director comments: ‘Our RFID solutions aim to bring more automation and accuracy to users, which in turn delivers real business benefits and a truly competitive advantage, especially in logistics roles.’