Our team are working remotely but we are still operating as usual. Call us on +44 (0)845 071 0985 to discuss your new project or order equipment or book online.

We’re open with remote working

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Our services should not be affected by the UK lockdown.

We can and do remotely support RFID and software solutions across the globe from our development centre in the UK.  Our development staff are able to continue to provide the same high level of service without the need to come into the office.

Systems are supported as far afield as Australia, where Sydney-based Ranger use the CheckedOK system for safety inspections on lifting and rigging equipment and Weir Minerals, the multi-national engineering firm, use CheckedOK to record the inspection results for heavy duty pumps across the globe.

One of our UK customers who supply and replenish oxygen cylinders to the health industry needed a major upgrade to their system in order to cope with the increased demand from the health service.  Again, this was performed remotely, during the lockdown, showing the current crisis doesn’t interrupt the implementation or support of critical systems.

It is business as usual for:

  • Implementation of projects
  • Support of systems including amendment to software
  • Answering “how to use” questions and training
  • Demonstration and presentation of the systems

Whether you are already a client or are looking for a new solution, we’re open for business. Contact us.