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Free RFID Consultation

CoreRFID’s skills and experience can be part of your RFID project. Get a Free RFID Consultation now.

RFID Consultancy Saves Costs, Reduces Risks

Free RFID Consultation
CoreRFID’s knowledge of the RFID marketplace and just what can work can help save the cost of expensive mistakes in RFID projects.

For many businesses, RFID is an unfamiliar technology with unfamiliar limitations and capabilities. Few IT departments have experience in designing, developing and deploying RFID based systems, and often aren’t aware of the difficulties they may face.

Innovation in new ways of working with new technologies can bring rewards but it also carries risks.

Our RFID consultancy can help limit these risks .

How Can We Help?

Ways in which our RFID consultancy can help include:-

  • Technology demonstrators and proof of concept projects
  • Design, implementation and evaluation of pilot projects
  • Assessment of existing RFID installations
  • Specification of fixed reader installation
  • Selection of tag and reader alternatives
  • Design of specialised or customised tags
  • Design of staff training programs, “Train the Trainer”

Find Out More

Read our hints on planning “proof of concept” or pilot projects.

Find out how we helped with identifying problems with an RFID van tagging project.

Free RFID Consultation