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RFID helps improve safety, manage the problems of increasing passenger volumes, deal with the need for increased security and save costs in the quest for increased efficiency of RFID in transportation. CoreRFID’s solutions are used by train lines and tube lines, airlines, aircraft manufacturers and airport operators.

“CoreRFID worked with us to link our auditing plans with our existing tool management approach. The solution supports our existing working processes, saving time, reducing costs and removing errors. CoreRFID’s expertise in automatic identification has been key.”
BAE Systems

RFID in Transportation

Tool Tracking

Using RFID for tool tracking can have a rapid payback in helping to improve maintenance processes. CoreRFID has worked with major airlines, aircraft manufacturers and with airport operators to use these technologies in support of maintenance and operations.

Better Support Logistics

RFID can help keep track of pallets, trucks, loaders and on-board sales stock. Improved identification helps control costs, and can contribute to improved security.

Twin Challenges

The public transport and aviation sectors face the twin challenges of improving their green credentials and coping with the effects of the economic down turn. Improving the use of buses, trains and aircraft, saving staff costs and managing the logistics of support operations can all be helped by the use of auto-identification systems.

Improving Maintenance

Safety is an absolute priority in the transport industry. London Underground is one of the world’s busiest public transport metros. The requirement to maintain over 30,000 individual escalator steps across the network, means the company is faced with the formidable challenge of ensuring each step is tested, repaired when faulty and then monitored. CoreRFID has developed an RFID based maintenance solution and provided the necessary tags to automate this process.