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The construction industry has some of the most potentially hazardous working environments. In the last 25 years over 2,800 people have died from injuries received in the workplace in construction. The industry is responding to ensure that it meets Health & Safety at Work legislation and minimises the time lost because of accidents.

RFID has the ability to identify locations, assets and staff. Systems that can keep track of all the essential elements of a construction site or building can take advantage of this, improving efficiency and saving costs.

“Tracking tools and improving site safety are both important to us. The Church Village By-Pass project has been a first step for the business to see the technology potential of RFID to help.”
Barry Woodman, Project Director, Costain

What is CheckedOK?

CheckedOK is a combination of software, services and tools that is used to assign tasks and to collect information about how tools, materials and other resources are used and where they are.

Users can track tools, manage service inspection, control access and identify or locate critical assets.

Who Benefits?

  • Site staff : gain rapid access to tasks and can collect information required to track projects with the minimum of effort.
  • Office staff: have immediate, up to date, data on tasks carried out on site and the whereabouts of critical assets anywhere across sites.
  • Operators: improve resource usage, increase accountability, improve asset utilisation and reduce materials and tools costs, improve safety records and reduce insurance
  • Clients: get better information on service provision, more reliable project delivery, improved building management services.

Inspection, Maintenance, Service

Many industries need to keep track of inspection, maintenance, service and repair activities across site during construction, ongoing use, restoration and demolition. CheckedOK helps make inspection and checking processes more efficient.

Businesses that can benefit from CheckedOK include contractors in civil engineering & construction, facilities management providers, letting agents, property services companies, demolition companies, land reclamation & regeneration companies and ship breakers.

What are the Applications?

CheckedOK supports a wide range of business processes where asset identification, task assignment, tracking, and auditing are required.

The wide range of devices that RFID tagging can be used for and the broad span of cost alternatives means that tag and check solutions can be used for many tasks, simplifying and improving efficiency in carrying out essential tasks. RFID tags can have data on them updated so that the tag and the central server hold a record of updates.

Business activities that CheckedOK solutions have been implemented to support include:

  • Planned Preventative Maintenance,
  • Repair Recording,
  • Cyclic Inspection Monitoring,
  • Tool & Maintenance Materials Tracking,
  • Safety Certification Checking,
  • Snagging & Site Handover,
  • Service Delivery Monitoring,
  • Waste Recycling & Tracking.