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RFID based applications can manage the supply of materials, help to maintain safety and save costs in tool hire or maintenance . CoreRFID’s solutions are used by construction and engineering contractors, tool-hire, lifting and fall arrest providers and specialist materials suppliers.

“Working with CoreRFID has given us a safety asset inspection system tailored to our business needs”
Keith Gordon, Head of Health & Safety, Galliford Morgan Joint Venture

Improving Safety

The building and construction industry continues to invest in improving safety. RFID solutions can check that processes are carried out and automate the production of safety check reports.

Tool Tracking

RFID can provide an excellent way of identifying and tracking tools and can have a rapid payback in helping to improve maintenance processes. Engineering and construction contractors and aircraft manufacturers have all worked with CoreRFID to support maintenance and tool tracking.

Better Materials Logistics

RFID can help keep track of pallets, trucks, and individual customised components. Improved identification helps control costs, and can contribute to improved security.

RFID & The Built Environment

Building and RFID in construction enterprises need to keep costs under control at the same time as increasing their ability to cope with changing demand from clients, increasing needs for sustainability and the desire to improve safety standards.