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RFID in healthcare plays an important role. Auto-ID systems can help improve infection control and reduce dispensing errors. They can help monitor maintenance activities and locate critical equipment. CoreRFID’s healthcare solutions include real time asset location, staff tracking and maintenance management.

“The CoreRFID system has overcome the problems we had in the past. Now our RFID tagged cylinders are tracked accurately and we can deliver the service we planned for our customers.”
Dave Donlan, Operations Manager, Medical Gas Solutions.

The cost of inefficiency

RFID solutions can help to authenticate drugs, identify the location of assets and help in patient identification and administering treatment.

Real time tracking of assets and staff

In hospitals, being able to find critical equipment quickly can save lives but, it can also save costs too. When test equipment can be easily found less is required, hire bills are lower.

RFID in Healthcare

Improved Public Health

RFID can be used to support public health initiatives, monitoring the take up of freely issued medicines or prophylactics.

Better patient care

Caring for patients in the NHS and in private medicine demands effective use of assets and medication if the resources available are not to be outstripped by ever rising demand for services. Automated identification systems, such as RFID, can help by improving control of assets, increasing the efficiency of the supply chain, reducing fraud and theft and increasing patient safety.