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Automate your processes and gain better control of production

RFID is a cost-effective way to track components or materials through the production process and ensure they are in the right place at the right time. It can also be used to track bulk containers, moulds or tools and ensure they are maintained properly. RFID allows you to automate processes and brings greater visibility to production. It offers rapid return on investment and can be integrated with existing production and ERP systems.

By attaching RFID tags to components or batches of raw materials, you can track their progress along the production line, check how long they have spent at any stage and ensure they have completed all the steps required.

The tags are read by sensors installed at key stages along the way. Each time a component or batch of materials passes, the tags update the manufacturing or ERP system – automatically monitoring work in progress and removing the need for manual tracking.

RFID is ideal for complex or custom manufacturing operations, where components or batches require additional processes or where part-finished goods need to be held for a period of time.

CoreRFID offers a complete RFID solution – including hardware, customised software, and integration with your existing IT system. We have the expertise to select the best technology for your needs and provide the support and software development required for a successful implementation.

Benefits of RFID

  •  Greater visibility of production process
  •  Better control of work in progress
  •  Automates processes and saves time
  •  Improves product quality and reduces wastage
  •  Ideal for bespoke manufacturing
  •  Offers full product traceability
  •  Rapid return on investment

What the clients say

“We manufacture carpet for projects across the world so accuracy and speed are critical. Using RFID technology within our own state-of-the-art systems has enabled our business to create an efficient process that saves both time and money.”

– Paul Richardson, Ulster Carpets

“RFID is making an important contribution to error reduction and increased efficiency, CoreRFID has been instrumental in helping us select and implement the right technology.”

– Richard Sainsbury, Vaillant Group

CoreRFID offers a range of RFID systems for manufacturing including:

Systems for Production Management

These systems track product components and assemblies through the production process. Examples of manufacturing systems provided by CoreRFID include:

  • Work-in-progress monitoring for boiler manufacturing.
  • RFID for contract electronics manufacturing.

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Systems for Tool Management

RFID systems for tool tracking provide a way of keeping track of high value tools, tooling, jigs or moulds. Tool management systems provided by CoreRFID include:

  • Monitoring high value diamond cutting tools
  • Tool tracking in aerospace
  • Tracking moulds in high temperature processes

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Systems for Returns Management

RFID can identify items returned for service, maintenance, re-calibration or warranty work. Systems save time in connecting up the item with the customer’s requirement, making sure that the correct work is done. RFID warranty systems have been provided by CoreRFID for:

  • Monitoring returns for servicing and calibration of electrical instrumentation
  • Monitoring gas cylinders for valve checks and refills on return.
  • Handling repairs for customised horse saddles.

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Read our fact sheet on RFID in Manufacturing.