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Managing Manufacturing Processes

RFID systems in production management can make a significant contribution to saving costs by helping to monitor work-in-progress. WIP that needs to be kept at a particular stage for a specified time or that is held as intermediate stock prior to final assembly can be tracked and identified.

Our FlowOK system help companies achieve this. By positioning RFID readers at different points on the production line,items passing that point can be identified without human intervention.

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RFID Solutions

RFID manufacturing solutions can electronically identify sub assemblies or trolleys, pallets or stillages using UHF RFID tags. The system can know that items have passed through all the steps needed to complete them. The same system can check that an item has been kept at a particular stage for a specified time, or that it has been held there too long. And it can provide instant details of what stocks are held where.

Solutions can be designed to add these capabilities to existing manufacturing processes using compact sensing devices to show which steps each work item has passed through.

Who Benefits From Manufacturing RFID?

RFID has particular application in production processes where there are manual or a mixture of manual and automatic production steps. It is valuable where part-finished products or sub-assemblies are held waiting finishing or where parts of the production cycle are time dependent (curing, maturing or settling).

manufacturingRFID is also valuable for manufacture of custom products where each item on the line may require different assembly tasks or different final testing depending on the customer it is intended for.

RFID solutions can also help to link the work done at one production steps with the work needed at a subsequent step. Using RFID systems, work carries its own production history and manufacturing requirements along the line and data captured as each item or batch passes each  check point can be easily integrated into existing production management systems.

Download a fact sheet on Manufacturing RFID.

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