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Tracking Tools & Tooling

For some manufacturers, keeping track of the tools and tooling is as critical as keeping track of the items being produced. Tool tracking is a critical aspect of manufacturing.

It may be hard to lose a Eurofighter Typhoon, for example, but keeping track of the tools used in its production was an expensive process for BAE Systems.

“The solution supports our existing working processes, saving time, reducing costs and removing errors. CoreRFID’s expertise in automatic identification has been key.” – Keith Pearson – Asset and Transport Manager, BAE Systems

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Equally, if you are involved in the manufacture of diamonds, then the tools you use are very valuable items and you need to know their whereabouts, just like the Diamond Trading Company did.

Not Breaking The Mould

A specialised type of tooling needing to be controlled in many areas of industry is the mould.

MX Group image
RFID enabled shower tray production at MX Group.

By tagging moulds not only can they be located easily they can be identified accurately, with confidence, and rapidly. This helps avoid the risk of incorrect moulds being used for a production batch, for example.

MX Group are the largest producer of shower trays in the UK, making around 400,000 trays a year. The company uses a CoreRFID system to control the over 2000 moulds that they use in the production of shower trays.

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