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RFID for Warranty, Returns & Repair

Tracking goods returned under warranty or those needing servicing or testing / calibration can be a challenge.

Making sure the correct checks and work are carried out needs accurate identification of the items being handled. This can be time consuming and open to error.

Making sure that the right item is returned to the right customer can involve time consuming administration.

Using RFID to tag products before they leave the manufacturing process means that products can be identified and tracked whenever they return.

Read how our approach helped Kane International with their test and calibration service.

Easy Check In

With low cost RFID tags fitted to products during the manufacturing process it becomes easy to confirm their identity if they are returned later for service or repair. This approach not only brings cost-saving benefits to the returns handling process but can also help in the identification of counterfeit goods.

“The CoreRFID system has overcome the problems we had in the past. Now our RFID tagged cylinders are tracked accurately and we can deliver the service we planned for our customers.”  – Dave Donlan, Operations Manager, Medical Gas Solutions.

For manufacturers of highly customised products it can also be used to link a specific item to a specific customer.

For example a supplier of customised horse saddles used RFID to tag each of the major sub-assemblies, ensuring that all were kept together during repair or adjustment services. A supplier of prosthetic limbs uses RFID to make sure that items sent in for repair are returned to the correct client.

Warranty and returns systems do not need expensive infrastructure to function.  RFID tags can be read by simple, low-cost hand held readers, like the one seen here. Solutions provided by CoreRFID can make use of a hosted, internet-accessible database which means that systems can be implemented without additional investment in IT servers. That same database can be made accessible to our users’ customers too This lets your customers track the progress of items returned to you for service.

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