Keeping Track – Components, Sub-assemblies, Finished Stock

RFID in manufacturing identifies component or sub-assemblies, tracks good through manufacturing or maintenance processes and helps to ensure production tools and plant are maintained properly.

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Manufacturing firms can find rapid return on investment in RFID solutions. Applications can track components and sub-assemblies during manufacturing, they can track valuable or process critical tools; they can be used to help manage warranty and goods returns processes; and they can be used to help authenticate products in a world where counterfeit products devalue brands or even cause safety risks.

CoreRFID has implemented solutions across all of these areas.

How RFID In Manufacturing help To Your Business

“RFID is making an important contribution to error reduction and increased efficiency, CoreRFID has been instrumental in helping us select and implement the right technology.”
Richard Sainsbury, Industrial Engineering Manager, Vaillant Group

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CoreRFID offers a range of RFID in manufacturing.

Systems for Production Management

These systems track product components and assemblies through the production process. Examples of manufacturing systems provided by CoreRFID include:

  • Work-in-progress monitoring for boiler manufacturing.
  • RFID for contract electronics manufacturing.

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Systems for Tool Management

RFID systems for tool tracking provide a way of keeping track of high value tools, tooling, jigs or moulds. Tool management systems provided by CoreRFID include:

  • Monitoring high value diamond cutting tools
  • Tool tracking in aerospace
  • Tracking moulds in high temperature processes

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Systems for Returns Management

RFID can identify items returned for service, maintenance, re-calibration or warranty work. Systems save time in connecting up the item with the customer’s requirement, making sure that the correct work is done. RFID warranty systems have been provided by CoreRFID for:

  • Monitoring returns for servicing and calibration of electrical instrumentation
  • Monitoring gas cylinders for valve checks and refills on return.
  • Handling repairs for customised horse saddles.

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Customised Products with RFID in Manufacturing

RFID can also be used in the creation of customised products. Tags can solve the problems of ensuring that each customer receives exactly what they order.  Tagging individual components and checking that all components belong together for a particular customer or a particular shipment saves costs and improves customer satisfaction. The supply of faulty items is reduced and so are the costs of making multiple versions of a product.