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RFID access control

RFID systems provide secure access with a single log-in

RFID technology now offers a solution to a key security challenge – how to provide secure access to the right people without the need for multiple passwords or log-ins.

The latest systems give users secure but convenient access to all the different areas and programs they need a via a single sign-on using their smart card or mobile phone.

RFID access control systems combine log-in software with RFID for user verification. They allow businesses to create an integrated, company-wide system – for example, allowing employees to enter the building and access different devices, programs and networks.

RFID-based systems are suitable for many different environments such as offices, hospitals, smart factories, universities and gyms and can be installed quickly and easily.

Designing a system

RFID readers are positioned at strategic points such as doorways and attached to or installed on PCs and other machines, then connected to the log-in software. Users simply hold their card or mobile up to the reader and log into the system once to gain access.

Existing employee ID cards can be used, which enables easy integration with other company systems. As the readers are also compatible with NFC (Field Communication) and BLE (Bluetooth® Low Energy), smartphones can also be used as verification.

Individuals can be given different access rights, depending on their role or qualifications and systems can be tailored to the needs of the business. The design of the system and the choice of products will depend on circumstances and the environment they are operating in.

CoreRFID’s consultants can design a system to suit your needs, advise on choosing the right products and technologies and carry out a trial before the full roll-out.

RFID access control in different sectors