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RFID technologies are used in almost every area of business. CoreRFID’s capability to provide a wide range of technologies makes us an ideal partner for innovative applications.

RFID Systems Everywhere!

RFID systems can be as simple as something using a few tags and a low cost reader plugged into the USB port of a laptop. Or, they can be as complex and wide ranging as Transport for London’s Oyster Card system.

CoreRFID advises on the best selection of hardware, supplies and customises it if needed. We develop, support and, where required, hosts RFID based applications for our clients.

Here are just some of the ways in which RFID based systems are used right across business and the public sector and examples of how CoreRFID has helped.

RFID Systems


RFID systems can help the medical profession. It can connect with patients and the general public, making it easier, with their consent, to collect data on health habits or to make sure patients are treated with the right drugs. It can be used to support public health initiatives, monitoring the take up of freely issued medicines or prophylactics.

Read how RFID is helping London improve sexual health.

Learn about Park House Healthcare’s use of RFID.


RFID provides the technology used for smart ticketing, or for helping to manage the infrastructure needed for cost effective passenger and freight transport.

RFID systems can control access to transport services (find out how CoreRFID supported Chargemaster’s services for drivers of electric vehicles) or can be used to monitor the many assets needed for a transport network.

CoreRFID worked with London Underground to improve the safety of escalators across their network.

Learn how London Underground use RFID.

Events Management

RFID can be used for tickets or event passes, easily handling different access arrangements and even allowing the personalisation of the vent experience.

Find out how Blitz|GES uses RFID at events.

Sports & Training

RFID has many applications in sports competitions and in training. Tags can be used to track individual use of fitness equipment, or to record start and finish times in competitive events.

Tags can be used to check on progress through event stages in sports such as orienteering and, of course, RFID enabled tickets can help to solve the problems of counterfeit tickets in event ticketing. CoreRFID has even provided RFID technology to be used with keyless lockers.

Read a case study on how Nike put RFID to work.


RFID systems can can be used to track goods, helping to provide better customer service and more reliable inventory information.

It can help protect retailers against counterfeit goods and provide ways of operating innovative customer loyalty schemes.

See the demonstrator we developed.

Museum Interaction

RFID makes it possible to create a whole new range of entertainment and leisure systems where the individual interacts in new ways with the world around them.

In museums RFID helps make visitor experiences more engaging, more involved and more entertaining. By allowing exhibits to recognise individual visitors, RFID makes it possible for museum visits to become truly personalised.

CoreRFID has also provided visitor interaction facilities for the Institute for Sound and Vision, the Science Museum, Thinktank and Birmingham’s Museum of Science. CoreRFID also often works with specialist museum solution providers such as Kiss the Frog and Emotional Value.

Learn how the Institute for Sound & Vision use RFID.