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RFID Asset Management System

Identify, Track, & Audit Assets

RFID asset management  can greatly help companies identify, track & audit a range of assets.

RFID systems track all manner of assets but each type of asset has their own special challenges. CoreRFID specialises in helping users implement RFID based asset management systems..



What Can RFID Management System Do?

RFID asset management systems can help companies keep track of what assets are where by linking a particular item to a particular location. They can do this easily, often without a need to inspect individual items. RFID systems can also help improve accountability for asset checks by identifying just which staff member checked an item in a particular location. They can also monitor the removal of assets from a site.

The use of RFID to track assets leaving and returning to site makes it an ideal tool for rental and loan use applications, providing unit-specific identification against a particular renter / user.

Find out how Lowe Refrigeration use RFID in their global business.

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