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RFID asset management system

Make the most of your assets with modern RFID systems

Your company’s assets are probably the largest capital investment the business will make.  From laptops to construction tools and high-value equipment, the challenge is not just how to keep track of their whereabouts but also to ensure they are regularly inspected and maintained and, from time to time, audited for accounting purposes.

RFID offers a cost-effective way to track and manage your assets while allowing you to automate your processes and reduce costs. Unlike old-fashioned spreadsheets or clunky legacy systems, CoreRFID’s flexible asset management solution has been designed with today’s mobile working environment in mind, to help you get maximum value from your assets and increase profitability.

Identify and track assets automatically

RFID asset management systems allow you to keep track of individual items through the use of RFID tags attached to them. The tags are read by fixed scanners installed on doorways and other key points or by staff using mobile phones or tablets. Each time a tag is read it automatically updates the central database to help you keep track.

As the system can monitor items leaving or returning to the site, it is ideal for plant hire companies, construction sites with tools which need to be checked in and out, or offices with sensitive files that need to remain on site. RFID systems can also enhance health and safety requirements by managing service and inspection requirements and improve accountability by identifying which staff member checked a particular item and on what date.

Leave spreadsheets and legacy systems behind

Many companies continue to use spreadsheets or legacy applications which require data to be captured on paper and then transposed on to the system. While some businesses have bolted on apps which allows data to be captured at source, often it results in having two databases – one for the office and one for the mobile system. The problem is that these older systems were never designed for the way we work today.

New approach built with mobile working in mind

CoreRFID’s system takes a different approach.  RFID technology is used to identify and track the assets. The data is captured at source and automatically transferred to the database, which is part of our cloud-based asset management system that integrates fully with your measuring and monitoring equipment.

Removing the need for manual data entry saves time and reduces the scope for errors, and the use of cloud-based software means that managers in any location can view up-to-date information at a glance.

The in-built flexibility also means that you can decide exactly what information you need to collect to achieve the best outcome for their business – for example:

  •  Where is each item and where is it supposed to be?
  •  Has it been inspected and certified as safe to use?
  •  What is its service history and when is the next inspection due?
  •  What is its expected lifetime?
  •  What is the cost of on-going maintenance and would it be better to replace it?
  •  How much is each asset worth and how do we audit the inventory?

CoreRFID’s systems help clients to take control of their assets, save time and money, improve safety and achieve better value – and have a rapid payback period.

CoreRFID offers systems for a wide range of purposes including:

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