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Asset management for AV, events and media industries

Tracking equipment at festivals, live events and broadcasts

Concerts, festivals, sporting events and outside broadcasts are a masterpiece of logistics, requiring numerous different pieces of kit to be transported to the site, set up for use then dismantled and returned.

With so many assets on the move, keeping track of everything is a real challenge – especially for hire firms or larger organisations dealing with many different types of equipment. It is easy for items to left off a delivery, misplaced on site or lost altogether.

RFID is ideal for keeping tracking of assets on the move, helping to save time for staff and reduce losses. Items can be scanned automatically or in bulk and tracked through each stage of the process. The system can also flag up any items which are missing and help locate them.

CoreRFID systems are used by some of the leading names in the equipment hire industry. We can provide the full solution, including RFID hardware and our own cloud-based asset management software, or we can integrate the RFID elements with your existing software.

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How it works

RFID tags are attached to each item which can then be detected by readers located at strategic points. Readers may be fixed within the loading area so that items are automatically scanned as they pass through. Handheld scanners may then be used to scan items on arrival and capture signatures as proof of delivery – and vice versa for the collection process. Handheld scanners may then be used to scan items on delivery and capture signatures as proof of delivery – and vice versa for the collection process.

Unlike barcodes which have to be in the ‘line of sight’ to be detected, with RFID it is not necessary to scan each item individually as they can be scanned in bulk. So for example all the equipment, including piles of cables, can be scanned in a single operation and would then appear on a screen as individual records, enabling the customer to see exactly what has been delivered and confirming acceptance with an electronic signature.

Using RFID in conjunction with appropriate software enables items can be tracked through each stage of distribution – from storage or warehouse to the delivery or collection vehicle and the client’s site or the venue. Therefore each item can be accounted for at each stage of the distribution process. Alerts will be automatically produced showing any items that were delivered but not available for collection, thus eliminating losses.

RFID-based systems can provide a full register with a full history for each asset, including any repairs and inspections, and can therefore be invaluable in helping hire firms to manage their entire fleet, ensuring that items are available on the dates they are booked and are safe to use.

A system to suit your needs

There is a huge range of RFID tags available and some are specifically designed for cables, or for small and large assets. They built to survive rough handling, for example being loaded onto transporters, piled up with other equipment or installed in harsh conditions such as a wet field for an open-air festival.

CoreRFID can advise on the right tags and readers for your needs, the location of readers and so on. If you have existing hire software in place, the RFID solution could be integrated and will automatically update the system. Alternatively, CoreRFID’s dedicated asset management solution can be used to show the location and status of each item.

Benefits of RFID

  •  Automated and bulk scanning saves time for staff
  •  System checks correct items are included in a delivery and highlights anything left off
  •  Handheld scanners help locate assets misplaced on site
  •  Complete asset register shows status and location of each item
  •  The ideal system for equipment hire, inspections and maintenance providers

Contact one of our consultants to find out how RFID can help your business.

RFID in action