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RFID based applications can help to manage assets used in construction and engineering. CoreRFID’s solutions are used by construction and engineering contractors, tool-hire, lifting and fall arrest providers and specialist materials suppliers. They are also used in the management of buildings – providing a way of monitoring parts of buildings such as lifts, escalators, air conditioning equipment, heating and ventilation systems, pumps and other items needing inspection.

Solutions can combine safety management together with inspection and maintenance management tasks.

“Improving the availability of pump performance data is important for us. The CoreRFID system speeds up data collection and improves accuracy.”  – Paul Brooks, European Service Support Manager, Weir Minerals

Improving Safety

London Underground use RFID to track the service record of every escalator step. Implementing an RFID system in an environment with movement, vibration, grease and high electrical charges was a challenge.

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Better Information

A key benefit from RFID based systems is they allow the collection of better information on assets. Weir Minerals use a system from CoreRFID to manage the maintenance of pumps used in the mining and extraction industries.

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Spotting Damage

A CoreRFID system is being used to monitor the use of lift safety gates on construction sites, allowing damage to be spotted and dealt with.

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