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Keeping track of laptops, handhelds, monitors and other IT equipment

Companies spend many thousands of pounds on IT equipment yet, particularly with smaller portable or mobile devices, it is often difficult to keep track of where these items are and which are still in use.

In any modern office, each employee will typically have multiple devices such as a laptop, iPad or handheld, monitor and computer accessories and may carry some of them around with them as they move from one part of the building to another.

Other businesses may have specialist equipment such as processors, storage and communication devices that can be moved around or configured in different formats so it is easy to lose track of what technology is installed and in use.

IT asset management systems can reduce capital costs and save on helpdesk and other support activities as well as improving data security. CoreRFID’s system was designed specifically for managing desktop IT and workplace assets and is used in a range of sectors, including education, defence and data centres.

Designing an IT asset management system

Each company will have different devices and different requirements so when designing a system, the first thing to ascertain is what challenges the organisation faces and what it is trying to achieve.

For example, it could be you are looking for a system that will manage inventory control and make it easy for the IT supplies team to record which items are being given out to which employees. You may want to track assets as they are leaving the building or carry out regular audits of IT assets for accounting purposes.

Using an RFID-based system, each device is identified by means of a tag which can be detected by RFID readers – whether fixed readers positioned at strategic points such as doorways or handheld readers which can be used to carry out a ‘sweep’ of the office and detect any devices within a certain range.

While some companies try to track assets using – for example – spreadsheets, an RFID-based IT asset management system helps to automate the process, making it easier and faster to track what IT devices are deployed. As a result audits can be carried out more frequently, providing more accurate information on deployed equipment, thus making compliance simpler.

CoreRFID can advise on the most suitable readers and tags and design the entire system to suit your specific needs. Contact us on +44 (0)845 0710985 to discuss your needs.