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Systems to keep track of data centre and desktop IT assets can reduce capital costs and save on help desk and other support activities as well as improving data security.

“RFID is an ideal tool to help us control assets across our many locations. CoreRFID had been an ideal technology partner, helping us in both selection and implementation.” Paul Maddock, Direction of Information Services, Warwickshire College

RFID in Education


Keeping track of IT assets in a data centre needs a measured approach. With constant changes in racked processors, storage and communication devices it is easy to lose track of what technology is installed and in use.

Equally, with a high proportion of every organisation’s investments in IT to be found on the desktop or on the move, management of mobile IT assets is vital.

What can RFID do?

RFID IT asset management makes the process of auditing what IT devices are installed where easy and quick. As a result audits can be carried out more frequently, providing better information on installed equipment and making compliance to Sarbanes Oxley requirements easier.

IT Asset Management Solutions from CoreRFID

CoreRFID provides readers and tags ideally suited for use with small and portable IT devices as well as for data centre equipment such as rack mounted servers and storage devices.

Our RFID IT asset management system for desktop IT assets was developed specifically for the management of IT and other workplace assets. Read our Warwickshire College case study to find out more about how the college uses RFID to manage their IT equipment.