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RFID for Vehicles

Make Mobile Asset Management easier. RFID is the ideal solution to keep track of assets on the move.

Vehicles can carry their own on-board systems or they can be easily checked leaving or arriving at sites.

Tagging on-vehicle assets places particular demands on RFID systems needing tags that are both robust but also ones with good reading characteristics. CoreRFID’s experience allows us to offer expert advice on RFID for vehicle applications.

CoreRFID has developed a delivery van monitoring system for a major food retailer and has developed other asset management systems for mobile assets for Ainscough and one of the UK’s regional ambulance services.

Lifting & Safety Inspection Systems

On-Ambulance Equipment Checking

east-midlandsCoreRFID developed a system that checks that ambulances have all the equipment required before leaving their station.

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Crane Equipment Checking

Safety-First-When-Operating-Cranes-And-Other-Lifting-Equipment-Part-2Ainscough Cranes needed a system to check that mobile cranes had all the items needed before leaving for hire contracts. CoreRFID delivered it.

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