RFID Systems in Distribution

Managing Shipments, Controlling Costs

The ability of RFID to track and trace items makes it an ideal tool for improving distribution operations.

RFID systems help track re-usable packaging like pallets and IBC’s. The ability of RFID to scan many tags at once and from a distance, lets RFID save costs in warehousing operations, and in goods inwards.

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RFID Focused on Distribution

RFID suppliers produce tags that can stand up to the wear and tear of distribution and logistics.

Consideration of protection against impact, and temperature or humidity extremes can form an important part of selecting the right equipment. CoreRFID’s specialist knowledge can help avoid costly mistakes.



Managing Shipments, Controlling Costs

RFID in the supply chain offers traceability and the ability to automatically locate critical components. Portal and gateway applications keep track of goods on the move, locating them to sites or checking their movement around buildings. It can help with the handling equipment too, improving safety and reliability.

A Broader Role

RFID is not only used to manage the products themselves in the supply chain. It can also be used to manage the whereabouts of packaging. Crates, pallets, bins, kegs and carboys can all be tracked using RFID tags selected to cope with the materials involved.

To enable these applications the standards organisations GS-1 and EPC Global, the GS-1 subsidiary responsible for RFID standards, have developed numbering systems to ensure that different organisations do not duplicate the use of numbers.

CoreRFID works with these standards and our understanding helps us to advise customers on the right technology choices and how to overcome problems with existing systems.

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