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Chemical Transportation Tracking Systems

Safety management and cost control are key issues for the chemical manufacturing and logistics industries. Keeping track of containers used to ship chemicals can be costly but failing to do so results in losses and could lead to safety failures through poor traceability of shipments.

Our Chemical Transportation Tracking Systems help to solve this problem.They make it possible to tag and trace chemical shipment containers, especially the intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) used for so many chemicals.

They save costs in containers and in the systems that manage them, improving accuracy, providing accountability for loss or damage and helping traceability.

Keeping Tags On IBCs

Using RFID tags to identify IBCs means that containers can be electronically identified from metres away. Containers can be booked out automatically, assigned to a particular customer and a particular batch. They can be checked back in again just as easily and stocks of IBCs can be asset audited quickly too.

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Modern RFID tags are rugged and can be used in a wide range of environmental conditions. They can be read as they pass through doorways or using handheld electronic readers. Data collected on IBC usage can show which IBCs are where and their history. They can also spot those that are nearing the end of their operational life.

CoreRFID has years of experience in tagging and tracing assets. We have developed a system that is quick to implement, easy to use and highly cost-effective, especially when compared with the costs of assets managed.

CoreRFID works with industry leading suppliers of RFID tag and reader technology. We develop, implement, support and, if needed, manage end-to-end solutions that make it easy to keep track of tagged assets.

“RFID gives us a way of keeping track of IBCs … CoreRFID has helped us to realise a full asset management solution …”Darren Sharpe, Energy Projects Manager, Industrial Chemicals Group Ltd.

Meeting Regulations

In the chemical industries, RFID IBC tracking systems can contribute to safety by helping to manage operations in line with pollution prevention and control regulations and providing essential data for reducing the risk of major accidents through the failure of old or damaged containers.

CoreRFID systems are also widely used to help compliance with regulations in construction, engineering and manufacturing industries.

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