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Keeping track of IBCs, stillages and other containers

Chemical containers, oxygen tanks, industrial cages and stillages . . . often the containers used to transport ingredients, components and finnished products are just as valuable – if not more so – than the contents within them. Therefore companies which use them not only need to ensure the goods have been safely delivered, but also the containers are returned and maintained.

RFID tracking systems help to solve this problem, making it possible to tag and trace containers at any stage of the process – from the factory floor through to storage and distribution. RFID systems save costs by reducing losses, provide traceability and improve safety and overall efficiency.

Automated check-ins, rapid audits

RFID systems are widely used to track intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) in the chemicals industry, stillages in automotive plants, and industrial tanks used to transport gases, oils and waste materials. By attaching RFID tags, containers can be electronically identified from metres away. The tags can be read by fixed scanners as they pass through doorways or key points in the production process, or by staff using handheld readers.

Containers can be booked out automatically, assigned to a particular customer and batch. They can be checked back in again and inspected just as easily and stocks can be audited quickly too. By replacing spreadsheets and manual processes, RFID systems save time and reduce errors. The data collected is automatically uploaded to a cloud-based system so anyone with access can see which IBCs are where, their history and overall usage. Integration with back office systems is also easily achievable, allowing asset and ERP systems to be updated automatically.

Improving safety and compliance

RFID systems will also prevent damaged containers from being used, highlight where inspections are required and identify those nearing the end of their operational life. In industries such as chemical and waste recycling, RFID systems can also help manage operations in line with pollution prevention and control regulations and provide compliance data.

CoreRFID has years of experience in tagging and tracing IBCs and other containers. We provide systems that are quick to implement, easy to use and highly cost-effective.

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