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Trading with the US Department of Defense represents an significant market opportunity for enterprises around the world. Shipping goods to US DoD sites is just one of the services provided for clients by Good Packing, a UK company that specialises in commercial packing and shipments across the globe.

Meeting DoD Standards

As part of their drive for improved efficiency the US Department of Defense are making more and more use of RFID to keep track of goods delivered to its various warehouses and logistics centres. As part of this, the DoD mandates the use of RFID tags on goods shipped to them.

To make sure that they could continue shipping goods to the US DoD on behalf of their clients, Good Packing needed a way of including the right tags with the right coding on their shipments.

“The CoreRFID solution was delivered on time, allowing us to meet our shipment commitments to our customers and to satisfy the US DoD.”
Mike Brereton, Good Packing Company Ltd.

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The DoD Coder

The answer to Good Packing Company’s problem was CoreRFID’s DoD Coder, a simple, easy to implement system that allows logistics and shipment companies to create tags with DoD compliant data codes for attachment to consignments destined for locations where RFID tagging is mandatory.

It is particularly suitable for low volume shipments of custom or high value products where it is not easy to build the RFID tagging approach into the shipment process.

The package consists of software that can run on any standard PC, together with a compact RFID reader / writer that connects to the PC though a USB interface. Good Packing was able to install and operate the system on one of their existing PC’s. The only new hardware required was the cigarette packet sized desktop reader / writer and the tags that are added to each consignment.

The software package allows Good Packing Company to create tags for any of their clients. Tags are written using a standard data format laid down by the US Department of Defense. CoreRFID developed their solution to meet the specification laid down in the Suppliers Passive RFID Implementation Guide V14.0, the latest version, and will continue to update the system as needed as part of Good Packing Company’s support contract.

The DoD Coder software supports standards for case and pallet tagging and will also support a future implementation of item tagging when specifications are published. It provides for data export linking tag data to an ASN (advanced shipment note) and provides reports and enquiries for ASN and tag data. Although Good Packing Company has deployed the system on a fixed reader PC, a version is also available for use on a portable handheld device.

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