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RFID SYSTEMS : Vehicle Tracking

RFID Vehicle Tracking Systems

Automatic detection of vehicles allows IT systems in distribution to improve traceability of shipments and to improvement the management of the distribution or materials handling fleet.

Although automatic number plate recognition can be useful in these areas, RFID vehicle tracking is particularly suited to systems working with unregistered vehicles or where identifying trailers (rather than the registered tractor) is the important element of the system. .

Keeping Track Of Vehicles

RFID tags allow systems to identify vehicles to be electronically identified from metres away. Vehicles can be checked out automatically, along with an identified load. They can be checked back in again just as easily.

Developing RFID vehicle tracking systems has challenges because of the need for the system to deal with moving tags and tags on metal vehicles. However, with expert help, RFID can provide a reliable way of identifying a wide range of vehicles, locating them to a particular site or to a particular area within a site.

RFID Vehicle Tracking