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RFID SYSTEMS : Storage Inspection

Increased Safety Check Efficiency

Where distribution and manufacturing companies need to store chemicals and raw materials, inspection of the storage facilities is needed to ensure safety is maintained. Inspections need to adhere to health and safety guidelines and maintenance best practise. These inspections may be conducted on monthly, six monthly or annual basis by the company internally, as well as external third parties.


Often though. recording the results of inspections and ensuring appropriate follow up requires costly manual systems which are not always reliable.

To help ensure companies that the process of inspecting tanks is done in the most efficient way possible, whilst ensuring safety is maintained, an RFID inspection solution is often the answer.

CoreRFID’s inspection system CheckedOK, allows users to improve the process by speeding data collection, and providing reliable records. The system enables inspection personnel to easily collect and access inspection data using handheld computers, Android and Windows tablet devices or mobile phones.

The main benefits derived from using our CheckedOK for tank inspection or other storage facility inspections are;

  • Eliminated paperwork or double handling of information
  • Bespoke questions were designed specifically for user requirements
  • Photographs can now be taken to append additional information
  • RFID proves user with visit and inspection route
  • KPI’s are automatically and easily interrogated


Whilst not an essential option, we are also able to provide RFID Tags that will further improve the efficiency of storage inspection. By uniquely RFID tagging each storage facility, the accountability of inspections is increased. The inspector uses a handheld RFID Reader whilst interrogating the tag on the asset, reducing the time spent on conducting the inspection.

Regulatory Requirements

here hazardous materials are being handled, an inspection system allows companies to show that they are compliant with regulatory requirements, such as COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazards), The system collects the results of observations during a rigorous inspection process. Although CheckedOK includes as standard many inspection profiles it can also have bespoke criteria added for specific requirements, based on whichever regulations need to be met. This can be done by implementing questions presented to inspectors upon inspection that ensure each element of the regulatory requirement is met. If not, the system will flag the failure up, allowing the issue to be recognised and then rectified – thus improving the safety of the whole business.

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 IBC Tracking


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