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Our CheckedOK Solution is widely used to help improve safety management in construction, engineering,  manufacturing and chemical industries.  The system enables customers to easily collect and access inspection data using handheld computers, Android and Windows tablet devices or mobile phones. Experience shows that the best way to improve safety is to make it easy to do the right things. Our CheckedOK solution not only helps achieve this (reducing the risk of accidents, equipment failure, litigation and regulatory sanctions) but does it in a way that saves costs.

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Our CheckedOK Solution can be used where ever equipment, components or tools need to be checked and the checks recorded. 

Examples of test and inspection applications where CheckedOK is valuable include:-

  • Cranes, slings and lifting equipment
  • Forklifts, loading platforms, and elevating work platforms
  • Safety netting & fall arrest installations
  • Pipeline, pumps and valves
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Fire safety & escape equipment
  • Escalators, moving walkways & elevators
  • Boilers and other pressure checked equipment (PSSR)
  • Local exhaust ventilation, air conditioning, filtration & water systems

Each of these has its own inspection and reporting requirements; each has its own challenges for identifying and checking the equipment in use.  Our experience of working with a wide range of inspection systems in many different environments means that you can be confident that CheckedOK will be a practical solution.

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Regulatory Reporting & Information Sharing 

The CheckedOK Solution provides reports on inspections and identifies equipment that should have been inspected but has been missed. CheckedOK reports are formatted to meet the needs of different regulatory reporting or record keeping requirements and best practice depending on the equipment being tested. Inspection conformance certificates and details of the inspecting engineer are readily available to your staff or on-line to equipment users or clients. Regulatory regimes supported include:

  • Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulation (LOLER)
  • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
  • Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER)
  • Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) 


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Cost Saving & Performance Improvement 

CheckedOK pays for itself quickly, especially when compared with manual record keeping systems. Automating the recording of inspection results saves engineer’s time and reduces errors. It helps minimise the need for repeat visits. Missing items can be notified quickly, reducing loss and theft. Eliminating manual records saves administrative effort. Information from CheckedOK can be used to update asset recording systems, eliminating time-consuming and error prone manual input.  By automating the process, CheckedOK makes best practice, easy practice. 

Key Benefits

  • More efficient inspection = more inspections per annum using the same number of inspectors = better use of resources
  • To-do lists and check box forms remove the need for pen and paper records; saving costs and improving accuracy
  • Automated collection of inspection reports and production of regulatory reports reduces admin efforts
  • Conforms to COPSULE, supports in-house quality and conformance programmes

The CoreRFID solution makes tracking the use and testing of nets easier helping us to manage net safety more effectively.”  -Mark Pickles, Co-Founder, G&M Safety Netting

How It Works

In The Office

Administration staff can check incoming inspection requests and can use CheckedOK to select clients and locations for engineers to inspect. Jobs are assigned to an engineer who downloads the details of the job requirements at each site to their hand-held computer or tablet.

On Site

The engineer sees a to-do list of equipment to inspect at a particular site. The engineer can identify each asset using either a label, a barcode or an RFID tag. The identity number calls up the inspection tasks for that particular item according to your requirements (and COSHH, DSEAR, LOLER, LEEA, PSSR or PUWER guidelines and other statutory inspections). Once equipment has been tested the engineer certifies the data to be correct and the system uploads the information wirelessly to the database. If a new asset is found on site then details can be added, correcting the database. If an asset is missing, the system knows. If a new asset is discovered, it can be added. If an item failed its last inspection, the engineer knows. If a client signature is needed this can be obtained there and then.

Back In The Office

You can view information on inspection activities immediately. Reports and certificates (including engineer performance, time taken for billing purposes or tracking inspector kpi’s, unchecked assets and asset repair/modification history) can be printed. Asset owners can see details of assets through their own web portal. Urgent alerts can be emailed automatically if an asset fails an examination.

The Technology

CheckedOK works with devices including Windows & Android tablets and Android phones but the most usual is a rugged device designed for industrial environments and including GPRS, 3G or 4G network (depending on device), GPS, WLAN, phone and a camera (plus barcode & RFID reader if needed).

This allows CheckedOK to record assets, faults or damage with pictures and GPS based location information if needed. To identify equipment, CheckedOK uses visual checking, barcodes and/or RFID tags. CoreRFID offers a range of barcode labels and RFID tags designed for use in extreme environments and the range includes options for attachment to a wide range of surfaces, tags incorporating visual identification, RFID tags able to demonstrate tampering and ATEX compliant RFID tags for use in explosive atmospheres.

CheckedOK Features

Equipment & Gear Tagging

CheckedOK works with asset tags that identify individual items of equipment needing inspection. Visually number tags, barcoding and radio frequency identification (RFID) tags all have a part to play. CheckedOK works with them all.

Inspection Forms

CheckedOK Forms guide inspection for equipment of different types, helping make sure that all necessary checks are carried out and that inspections provide the data required.

Reports & Certificates

CheckedOK back office facilities include reporting, inspection scheduling and enquiries. Data can be shared within the organisation or, for service providers, with clients.

Trend Data Analysis in Reporting

CheckedOK systems soon collect a great deal of valuable data. Now it is easier to make use of that data within CheckedOK. We’ve added the ability to plot trends in critical data and display them in graphical or data format as part of CheckedOK Reporting.

Quick Check “Pass All”

All lifting equipment needs to be carefully checked but for some items a visual inspection is all that is needed. An experienced inspector can often see at once if all checks are met on a shackle or other piece of lifting gear, for example. CheckedOK now supports a “Pass All” option for certain equipment types, allowing faster entry of inspection results, saving inspectors’ time and allowing them to focus on problematic or complex items.

Manufacturer Certificates

One of the features of CheckedOK is that it allows inspection certificates to be made available via an on-line portal, showing the safety check history of any item of equipment. Now CheckedOK allows storage of the original safety inspection documentation supplied by the equipment manufacturer so that the complete certification history is available easily to any authorised party. Adding original manufacturers certificates means that the CheckedOK on-line database becomes an even more valuable resource for safety management.

Improved Handheld Management

With increasing numbers of handheld devices being deployed, improving control of handheld devices and their users is more important. The system can now include control of roll-out of CheckedOK client software to handheld computers, option for RFID tag based log-on to the handheld and support for M3, Pidion and Psion handheld systems.

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