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The ultimate LOLER and PUWER asset management and inspection system

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Safety regulations worldwide require companies which use machinery and equipment to carry out regular inspections – but managing assets and inspection reporting can be a real challenge.

CheckedOK automates the whole administration process, replacing unwieldy spreadsheets and paper-based systems with an easy-to-use software that saves time and money and allows staff and customers in any location to access the results.

CheckedOK is the market leader within the lifting sector in UK and Ireland and has become the industry benchmark, with some companies specifying the system as mandatory for service contracts. However it is widely used worldwide for a wide range of lifting, safety and maintenance applications.

The benefits

CheckedOK asset management software includes facilities to automate the reporting of inspection, maintenance and repairs and build a comprehensive history for each asset. Benefits include:

  •  Increased efficiency – by replacing pen and paper systems, it removes the need for data to be re-entered manually, saving staff time and reducing the risk of errors.
  •  Instant access – certificates and failure notices can be viewed by clients or end users at any location as soon as the inspector completes a task. Similarly, method statements can be viewed after risk assessments.
  •  Full asset history – making it a valuable tool for safety management.
  •  Flexibility – CheckedOK can be configured for different types of asset or types of inspections and tailored to suit individual needs.
  •  Multi-language support – enabling CheckedOK to be deployed on a global basis.
  •  Time recording – to facilitate job costing and automatic updating of financial systems.
  •  Skills matching – to ensure that engineers are qualified to carry out assigned tasks.

How it works

CheckedOK is a cloud-based software that works with any web browser. Engineers can access the system via an Apple and Android mobile phone or tablet. RFID tags or labels can be used to accurately identify equipment.
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For engineers

Using a mobile or handheld device, the engineer can view a list of equipment to inspect at a particular site and, for each asset, see the inspection tasks required for that item. Once equipment has been tested, the engineer certifies the data to be correct and it is uploaded to the system. If a new asset is found on site, details can be added. It will also alert the engineer if an asset is missing, if it failed its last inspection or if a client signature is required on site.

For customers

Once inspection data is uploaded, the certificates are available to view straight away or, if an asset fails an examination, an alert can be emailed automatically. Customers and end users who have access to the system can view the status of an item at any time, and details of all previous safety checks. The system can also be used to store the manufacturer’s original documentation, ensuring that a complete certification history is available.

For managers and office staff

As certificates are produced automatically and there is no need to key in data, CheckedOK saves time for office staff. The system also keeps track of data such as time spent on site for costing and billing purposes, unchecked assets and asset repair or modification history – providing greater insights for managers.

CheckedOK can be used to manage the entire inspection regime – checking inspection requests or sending reminders when inspections are due, selecting clients and locations for inspection and assigning an engineer to the job. The system also supports workflows, allowing new inspection orders to be quoted for and raised and reports to be distributed automatically in the event of inspection failures, for example.

Data can be shared across the organisation or with client companies, making it possible for service providers to work seamlessly with customers and keep them up to date on the results of inspections or highlight any critical issues.

CheckedOK clients include;

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Meeting health and safety standards

CheckedOK can be used wherever there is equipment, components or tools which need to be checked and the results recorded. It helps companies comply with regulatory and statutory requirements including:

  •  LOLER – Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulation
  •  COSHH – Control of Substances Hazardous to Health
  •  PUWER – Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations
  •  COMAH – Control of Major Accident Hazards
  •  GA1 – the Irish Health and Safety Authority rules on the inspection of lifting equipment
  •  PAT – Portable Appliance Testing
  •  PSSR – Pressure Systems Safety Regulations
  •  DROPS – Dropped Objects Prevention Scheme
  •  DoC – Declaration of Conformance

In addition to inspection, CheckedOK can record and analyse results for tests including NDT and DT with automatic data collection via interfaces to testing equipment.

A wide range of applications

CheckedOK can be adapted for use in almost any operation where there is equipment that needs regular inspection and records need to be kept of the results. It is suitable for applications such as:

  •  Cranes, slings and lifting equipment
  •  Forklifts, loading and elevated work platforms
  •  Safety netting and fall arrest installations
  •  Pipeline, pumps and valves
  •  Personal protective equipment (PPE)
  •  Fire safety and escape equipment
  •  Lifts, moving walkways and elevators
  •  Boilers and other pressure-checked equipment
  •  Ventilation, air conditioning, filtration and water systems

Technology to suit your needs

Whilst CheckedOK is a comprehensive asset management solution, its modular design enables customers to purchase only the modules they require. Many start with the inspection and reporting module then add other functions, for example maintenance and repair, at a future stage.

CheckedOK supports features such as mobile camera and video facilities and GPS. It is compatible with Microsoft Office applications and can be integrated with other asset management systems. The system is fully supported and regularly upgraded.

CheckedOK comes with a wide range of standard forms and reports built in but can be quickly and easily adapted to your needs. CoreRFID can also advise on the right RFID tags or other ID systems and supply the complete solution. Contact us on +44(0)845 0710985 to discuss your needs.

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