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Mobile systems make inspection management simple for windfarm operators

Managing inspections and maintenance at windfarms poses a number of key challenges. Not only does the work have to be carried out at height and in hostile environments, but the fact that there are multiple units requiring attention – rather than one or two large turbines as in a traditional power plant – adds to the complexity.

There is also raft of safety legislation governing items such elevators, lifting equipment and electrical equipment that wind farms need to comply with – and be seen to do so.

CoreRFID’s mobile software makes it easy to manage inspection and maintenance operations, even at remote or offshore sites. We have developed systems for some of leading service providers to the cleantech sector, such as ITS Plant Tech and Anderco, and are currently working with a major European power generation company on a large windfarm project.

Saving costs and complying with regulations

CoreRFID’s inspection management software CheckedOK is a market leader in the lifting sector and can be used for other types of assets, such as lifts, safety equipment and PPE inspection. It can also be adapted to suit operators’ needs and used as part of a wider asset management system.

CheckedOK enables engineers on site to record details of inspection and maintenance operations using a mobile phone or tablet. The results are automatically uploaded to the cloud to produce a history of assets and safety reports or certificates which can be viewed by authorised personnel using a standard internet browser. As assets are automatically identified using RFID, it reduces errors by ensuring details are recorded against the correct item, rather than the engineer having to locate and transcribe serial numbers.

Inspection management systems help improve safety and efficiency and support compliance to standards such as LOLER, PUWER and PSSR. CoreRFID’s systems are used worldwide for many different types of lifting, safety and maintenance applications, therefore we are ideally placed to help organisations operating in this emerging green energy industry.

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