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LOLER Inspection System

In spite of improvements in safety records over recent years, industries like construction, engineering, and power generation and transmission remain hazardous. Legislation and industry good practice set out ways to minimise the risk.

RFID based systems can help implement safety inspection processes in ways that make it easy to comply with best practice and can save costs in the record keeping needed to demonstrate compliance.

LEEA-Logo-Blue-in-Frame-NO-LINE1The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA)  has been a leader in setting and promoting standards for good working practices in the industry. The CoreRFID CheckedOK system helps to implement those standards and save costs for users of lifting equipment while doing so.

LOLER Inspection System

CheckedOK helps customers meet LOLER and PUWER legislation and other statutory inspections for lifting equipment with a complete, easy to implement, solution. It supports LEEA best practice.  CheckedOK has benefited construction, engineering, logisitics and many other companies concerned with RFID in lifting and other safety critical operations. The system helps to automate inspections, speeding up and simplifying them to save costs. 

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By working with the LEEA we are able to make sure that the standard features of CheckedOK meet the needs of the Code of Practice on Safe Use of Lifting Equipment (COPSULE). Because CheckedOK collects data on inspections as they are carried out, users of the reporting system always have an up-to-date picture of the maintenance status of critical items of equipment. Because reports are accessible on-line, information can be shared across sites or departments or with customers with a complete audit trail of who checked what and when.

You can find out more about CheckedOK here.

Lifting Engineer Systems

Safe lifting needs vigilance. Handling heavy equipment and heavy loads is risky. Introducing systems to improve safety is not easy. The workplace is demanding and any equipment or systems involved need to be rugged.

working-manOur solutions help companies meet their commitments under the Health & Safety at Work Act.

CoreRFID has a long track record in developing solutions to support safety inspection for lifting equipment. Our customers testify to the ease of use of our CheckedOK solution and its practical application in the field. Feedback from our users and from the LEEA helps us to extend and improve CheckedOK.

Tags Improve Safety

Tagging lifting equipment can help improve safety. Tags – be they electronic or simple labels – make it easier to identify equipment, ensuring that the correct inspections and checks are applied. CoreRFID’s CheckedOK system automatically links each asset with its inspection regime. Regular checks can be scheduled and follow-up to essential repairs monitored.

CheckedOK Users

Users of CheckedOK find it easier to conform to the requirements of LOLER, reducing the risk of accidents.

CoreRFID’s CheckedOK solution is used widely by LEEA members with systems installed in the UK, Australia, Eire and the rest of Europe. Lifting engineers in heavy manufacturing, construction, engineering and off-shore operations all benefit from CheckedOK systems.

“Prolift is proud of its reputation as a reliable supplier of high quality products and services. The CheckedOK system is a central part of the delivery of our services to our customers.” – Darragh Hickey, Sales Director, Prolift Handling Ltd.

Further information on how Prolift, uses the system to help deliver inspection services for many customers in Eire is available in our case studies section. You can also learn more by watching our latest videos on Hoistech, Street CraneXpress and Assess Ireland.