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Well managed inspection is needed in many industries to ensure employee safety and to keep equipment operating at optimal efficiency.

Street CraneXpress engineer croppedCoreRFID’s CheckedOK safety and maintenance inspection systems make it easy to comply with best practice and can save costs in the record keeping needed to demonstrate compliance.

Other custom built solutions from CoreRFID have also helped companies improve safety or keep better check on the maintenance requirements of equipment.

CheckedOK for Safety and Maintenance Inspection

CoreRFID’s CheckedOK system is used in a wide range of safety and maintenance inspection applications, providing predetermined checklists for equipment and recording the results of inspections.

Customers using CheckedOK for applications to other areas than lifting include:-

  • Costain who used the system to track tools and improve safety on the Church By-Pass project.
  • G+M Safety Netting who use CheckedOK to help protect users of their fall arrest systems
  • Assess Ireland who use CheckedOK to support the insurance assessment services.

You can learn more about CheckedOK here.

Customised Safety and Maintenance Inspection Systems

Equally, customers turn to us for specialist inspection and safety checking systems.

For example, you can find out how we worked with Reactec to create a system that reduces the risk of workers being exposed to industrial injuries resulting from vibration in RFID hand held solutions.

CoreRFID safety systems can also be found in aviation and public transport. Our solutions help ensure that lifts, escalators and travelators are regularly checked. They help avoid the risk of failure reducing service or endangering the public. Systems can make sure that life jackets, fire extinguishers, rafts and other survival equipment will be ready for use. In the event of a incident, shipping companies, airlines and other transport operators can be confident that their emergency plans can be carried out.


You can read an overview of how we have provided a solution to London Underground that helps to save money and improve safety checks for their escalators.

“Customers are delighted with the instantaneous nature of the system. This level of service is practically unheard of in our market.”  – Stephen O’Neill, Engineering Inspection Manager, Assess Ireland Ltd.