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Case studies: RFID in practice

Find out more about how RFID technology can help your business by reading real-life examples. CoreRFID has over 20 years’ experience and is one of the leading RFID specialists offering bespoke solutions, software and consultancy. We help our clients select the best in components and to develop practical ways of delivering return on investment.

We work with a wide range of industry sectors and offer solutions for applications including lifting and safety inspection, asset management, manufacturing and logistics and distribution.

Our case studies illustrate the issues companies have faced and how we have worked with them to find solutions, by adapting our CheckedOK system, developing customised software or RFID tags, or providing expert advice. Our case studies cover a range of sectors and you can choose by applications. We add new case studies regularly, so come back to see how RFID solutions are meeting new and demanding challenges.

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RFID Case Studies
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‘Choosing CheckedOK was the best decision we ever made’

Inspection reporting system has played a key role in building Pro Mech’s lifting services arm.


Automated reports lighten the load for laboratory firm

New system saves 40 hours a week for team carrying out CBR road testing


Preventing counterfeit parts in stock car racing

Incorporating RFID chips in body panels enables manufacturers to protect their rights and ensure authenticity.


How SpanSet used CheckedOK to build its inspection business

Find out how SpanSet – an international business specialising in height safety, lifting and load control – used CoreRFID’s CheckedOK solution to develop its inspection business.


CheckedOK helps crane servicing firm to streamline its operations

Total Crane Solutions adopted CheckedOK to keep track of inspections but now uses it to manage its entire operation. Automating tasks has enabled its founder to build a growing business while keeping overheads to a minimum.


Flexible software helps support growth at windfarm inspection firm

ITS Plant Tech – one of the leading inspection firms in the wind energy sector – recognised it needed an inspection software system but the first system it adopted wasn’t flexible enough for its needs. It switched to CheckOK soon afterwards.


How a foam company improved warehouse efficiency and despatch times

An RFID system has enabled one of Europe’s leading foam manufacturers to automate its processes and improve the efficiency of its warehousing and distribution operation. Staff can now see the exact location of finished products at any time.

ESB Networks Brandmark

How CheckedOK helps manage safety inspections on Ireland’s electricity network

ESB Networks Ltd. handles the construction, operation and maintenance of the electricity network in Ireland. It manages the network, providing services to all electricity customers in the Republic of Ireland, irrespective of their electricity supply company.


RFID technology helps manufacturer to roll out the carpet

Ulster Carpets supplies some of the world’s most prestigious hotels. At its Portadown plant, RFID tags placed on individual bobbins on the loom match the correct yarns to be woven and link to the IT system to ensure a more efficient process.


RFID tracking boosts production at chemicals plant

A leading agricultural chemicals producers uses RFID to track bags of valuable ingredients across its vast Grangemouth site and ensure the right product is in the right place at the right time.


Tracking moulds and reducing waste in a shower tray plant

An RFID system has enabled the UK’s leading manufacturer of shower trays to optimise the use of moulds, meet production targets and reduce the use of expensive raw materials at its flagship Gloucestershire plant.


Unique system helps lifting house to stand out in the market

A new inspection software system has helped Australian lifting house Ranger to differentiate itself in the market by offering clients a host of benefits including 24/7 traceability of equipment and peace of mind.

Crane Care Logo

CheckedOK helps Irish hoist company speed up client reporting

A leading supplier of hoists and lifting products wanted to reduce the time taken to provide clients with inspection reports. The introduction of CoreRFID’s market-leading system means they can now access documents within hours rather than weeks.


‘Brilliant solution’ improves workflow for equipment hire firm

A leading hire specialist wanted to ensure all items of equipment had been inspected in line with LOLER and PUWER rules and were not hired out when inspections were due. A bespoke platform from CoreRFID has provided a ‘brilliant solution’.


Tracking robots in the world’s most advanced warehouses

Ocado is the world’s largest online-only grocery retailer and its Ocado Smart Platform is the most evolved system of its kind. Ocado approached CoreRFID as it wanted to deploy off-the-shelf RFID technology to maximise the reliability of the Ocado Smart Platform.

Hyster Yale Logo

Improving productivity of forklift trucks in warehouses

Controlling forklift trucks is an important issue in warehousing. CoreRFID worked with a leading truck supplier to develop a system that identifies a truck’s location and acts as a driver aid, helping to reduce accidents and increase productivity.

just rigging logo

An equipment inspection system for the entertainment industry

Just Rigging inspects and maintains equipment at many high-profile entertainment venues. A bespoke system from CoreRFID has enabled faster digital production of documents and reduced costs for clients.

Anderco Lifting

Flexible inspection software allows lifting firm to support broad client base

Anderco Lifting adopted CheckedOK to replace a previous system that was not flexible enough for its needs. CheckedOK enables it to carry out Reports of Thorough Examination (ROTE), risk assessments and capture client sign-off.

lowe logo

RFID tracking transforms catering hire business

Lowe Rental are market leaders in hiring refrigerators for caterers and events. An RFID based asset identification system from CoreRFID helped them save staff time with audits and with checking rental assets into and out of their warehouses.

Straight Point Logo

Developing a new lifting safety app to prevent systems overload

Straightpoint is a leader in developing load cells, which help ensure that lifting systems are not overloaded. The company worked with CoreRFID to create a new generation of software and make its app available on a wide range of devices.

ballyclare logo

PPE inspection system ensures firefighters are fully equipped

Ballyclare supplies protective clothing to the emergency services including firefighter outfits. Thanks to a system from CoreRFID, it knows exactly which items are available at which location, and can ensure that a complete kit is available for each individual.

walter watson logo

How Ireland’s leading crane firm keeps track of inspections and training

CheckedOK enables Ireland’s leading manufacturer of overhead cranes to comply with different regulations on either side of the border, ensure that engineers are trained to use equipment and manage breakdowns and repairs.

whs logo

How RFID helped historic firm to improve client service

WH Scott supplied the lifting equipment used to build the Titanic. Checked OK gives its engineers an easier way to record inspections and allows staff at client companies to check the status of equipment. It is now a key part of its sales proposition.

Weir Minerals

Improved maintenance helps prevent pump failures in mines

Weir Minerals’ pumps help keep mines free of water and slurry. The company worked with CoreRFID to develop a system to enable engineers to collect performance data, reduce the risk of errors and identify potential problems at an early stage.

valiant Logo

Automated production system helps boiler manufacturer to reduce errors and improve efficiency

CoreRFID helped Vaillant to develop a system that would track boilers through the assembly process and ensure they follow the right steps in the right order. It has also helped the company to cut costs and reduce its carbon footprint.

Street CraneXpress

Crane firm extends bespoke system to support PUWER inspections

XpressView is the dedicated system used by Street CraneXpress to record inspections. CoreRFID, which had originally developed the system, helped the company to extend it to include risk assessments and create method statements.

Street CraneXpress

Branded crane inspection software is at heart of firm’s customer service

CoreRFID helped this leading provider of maintenance and inspection services for overhead cranes to develop its own inspection software. XpressView, as the system is known, is now at the heart of its service to customers.

reactec logo

Device monitors workers’ exposure to vibration to prevent ‘white finger’

Reactec helps to combat noise and vibration in the workplace, reducing heath risks for workers. CoreRFID worked with it to develop a device for power tool users that measures their vibration dosage and helps them manage their exposure.

prolift logo

CheckedOK helps service company to identify trends in inspection failures

Prolift uses CheckedOK to support inspections on a wide range of lifting and materials handling equipment. It also provides data on inspection failures so equipment can be quickly repaired and trends in failures can be identified.

NikeTown Runners

ID tags ensure events run smoothly for NikeTown Runners

When sports brand Nike launched a free, weekly running forum in central London, CoreRFID worked with it to develop branded RFID identity tags that could be tied to runners’ shoes to help manage registration.

Medical Gas Solutions

Keeping track of medical gas supplies for the emergency services

Medical Gas Solutions supplies oxygen and other gases to the NHS and emergency services and offers a managed service where cylinders are returned for refill. An RFID system enables customers to view data on the location of cylinders and usage.

kane logo

An easier way for manufacturers to manage servicing and repairs

Kane International makes portable test and measurement devices and provides servicing and maintenance. An asset management system from CoreRFID enables it to identify returned items and view their service history, saving hours of staff time.

Hoistech Lifting Inspection

Lifting firm’s experience demonstrates value of CheckedOK

Hoistech, which manufactures, tests and services lifting equipment, has been using CheckedOK since 2010 to ensure inspections are carried out in line with regulations and has expanded its use over the years. Its experience demonstrates the value of the system.

G&M Safety Netting

System provides ‘safety net’ to ensure fall equipment is OK to use

G&M Safety Netting provides safety nets and fall arrest systems for construction sites. An asset management system from CoreRFID enables it to see the whereabouts of items, check them in and out of stores and ensure they are regularly inspected.

BAE Systems

The 64,000 question: How to keep track of tools at an aerospace plant

BAE Systems wanted a better way to keep track of over 64,000 items of tooling across multiple hangars at its Warton and Samlesbury sites. CoreRFID worked with the company to develop a bespoke solution to track their location and carry out audits.

Assess Ireland Logo

Vehicle inspection firm automates processes

Assess Ireland is a leader in vehicle inspections for the insurance industrial and also provides inspections of workplace plant and machinery. A system from CoreRFID has enabled it to automate its processes, from providing customers with an initial quotation to delivering inspection reports.


Trials reveal best RFID system for steel stockholding yard

Trialling different RFID technologies in advance of deployment is a good way to check how effective they will be in a particular environment, and which one works best. This is a real-life example involving a system to track steel components in the construction industry.

RFID Van Identification

RFID troubleshooting: resolving issues with a vehicle tracking system

What do you do when the performance of an RFID application fails to come up to expectations? CoreRFID provides a consultancy service. This real-life case study shows how it helped to resolve issues with a tracking system at a goods depot that was failing to detect some of the vehicles arriving.

game golf

Technology makes golf a more social game

RFID technology has opened up new possibilities in sports and leisure. CoreRFID worked with sports technology innovator GAME to design custom tags for a new system to give golf players the chance to record their performance, analyse their data and share it data with others.


Medical asset tracking system reduces losses and delivery times

CoreRFID worked with an IT software provider to deliver an asset management solution for a company that supplies medical products to care homes and hospitals. The new system, which manages deliveries, inspections, repairs and decontamination, has improved efficiency and reduced delivery times.

warwickshire college logo

Electronic tags offer easy way for college to keep track of PCs

With thousands of PCs across multiple sites, Warwickshire College wanted a better way to monitor and audit its assets. CoreRFID helped it to deliver an easy to use but effective IT asset management solution.

underground logo

Escalator tags help London Underground to keep the capital moving

The escalators on London’s underground carry millions of passengers a day and require a careful maintenance regime to keep them operating safely. CoreRFID developed a system that would identify each of the 30,000 elevator steps to ensure each is regularly tested.

Institute for Sounds & Light logo

‘Magic ring’ gives media institute an insight into visitors’ behaviour

An RFID system enables the Netherlands’ media institute to understand visitors’ behaviour. Members of the public receive a ring containing an RFID tag which unlocks exhibits and records which they have visited, enabling the institute to create a personalised experience and plan for future events.

costain logo

Managing tools and equipment on a major construction site

Failure to keep track of tools in construction can not only be costly but also cause delays to the schedule. When Costain started work on the creation of a new bypass, it commissioned CoreRFID to create a system to manage equipment and ensure staff were trained to use it.

H Tempest

RFID tags ensure students receive right graduation photos

Tempest Photography, a specialist in the education sector, wanted a better way to record photos taken at graduation ceremonies. A system which uses RFID tags sewn into gowns, which are then scanned and matched to each photo, has enabled it to improve administration.