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RFID fixed reader solutions are ideal ways of checking goods, assets or people through specified points. RFID readers can provide an electronic gateway that detects tags passing through it, or a reader plugged into a PC can provide a simple way of checking items in and out. Portal and gateway applications keep track of goods on the move, locating them to sites or checking their movement around buildings.


RFID Gateways (“Portals”)

An RFID reader with one or more antennas can pick up the details of any tag passing it. RFID gateways are used in CoreRFID’s manufacturing solutionsand in our portal solutions for distribution and logistics.


One fixed reader can have multiple antennas.

Designing fixed point reader systems like this requires careful assessment of the installation; positioning antennas correctly can make the difference between success and failure in a system. The latest generation of readers can be connected together to form a reader array that detects the position of tagged items in a building or the movement of tagged items across a site, for example.

Our consultancy services can help in the design of RFID portals. You can read about one project here.

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A Wide Range of Uses

Fixed reader RFID solutions can be found in many applications but are common in manufacturing and in logistics. Readers can be used to detect the passage of finished goods, pallets, dolavs, crates, cages, stillages and other reusable containers.

RFID portals can check an entire pallet of goods onto a truck as the pallet passes the antennas.

They can be used to check that all components of an order are together or that returned items are kept with the details of the person they originate from.

RFID fixed reader solutions can be linked to existing manufacturing control, logistics and inventory management systems.