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RFID portals keep track of goods and materials passing through

RFID fixed reader solutions are an ideal way to track materials, finished goods or people through specific points – whether it is components moving along a production line or laptops and construction tools going out of the door.

Fixed readers can take the form of an electronic portal that detects tags passing through it. They automatically record the movement of assets entering, exiting or moving around buildings or different sites. Some readers can be connected together to form an array that detects the position of tagged items across a site.

Designing fixed point reader systems like this requires careful assessment of the installation, as positioning the antennae correctly can be critical for accurate detection. CoreRFID has many years’ experience in the design of fixed-point readers and their use within a wider RFID system.


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Portals for every application

Fixed reader RFID solutions may be found in many applications and can be linked to existing manufacturing control, logistics and inventory management systems.

In manufacturing, portals can be placed at critical points along the production line to monitor ingredients or components as they move through the different stages. They can automatically detect the stage each item is at and feed this data back to the ERP system. At certain points, they might also be used to direct individual items to the right production process, for example to undergo different finishes or colours. They can also detect the passage of finished goods rolling off the production line, as well as pallets, dolavs, crates, cages, stillages and other reusable containers.

In distribution and logistics, portals can be used to monitor goods leaving and entering the building, and check that all components of an order are together or that returned items are kept with the details of the person they originate from. Fixed portals are also a feature in many advanced warehouses such as those used by Ocado.

In asset management, portals can be used to monitor goods leaving and entering the building, from computers and IT equipment to construction tools and medical devices.