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Tracking goods and managing assets on the move

CoreRFID is one of the leading developers of RFID applications for mobile and handheld devices. We have a proven track record for delivering reliable, secure and easy-to-use applications on mobile devices such as smartphones, iPads and other mobile devices.

Our applications are designed to fit with the working practices of the people who use them, an approach which has won us approval from companies across a range of industries worldwide.

Our CheckedOK mobile solution – which is designed for carrying out safety inspections in the field – is one example. However out standard systems are suitable for a range of functions and we also develop bespoke systems to meet individual needs.

Making mobile systems work for you

View from our Chair, Terry Allen

Every organisation has different working practices which have evolved and served them well over the years. Quite understandably they wish to retain these working practices when introducing a mobile IT system.

CoreRFID fully understood this from the early stages of the business. The success of our mobile solutions has been achieved by working closely with the people who will be using the system in their day to day operations. The solutions we have created for organisations such as the Electricity Supply Board in Ireland, Street Crane Express, VP PLC and the many others clients worldwide are testament to this approach.

All customers use the same core software and database but each system is customised to suit their specific needs. This is achieved in two key ways. Our modular systems have a high level of configurability, enabling customers to easily adapt them to their individual working practices. We can also provide support from our professional software development team, enabling an even higher level of customisation to be achieved.

The result is that, whilst many of the customers use the same core version of our software and database, each implementation appears as if it has been developed especially for them.

Features every mobile system should have

CoreRFID’s mobile solutions all include the following features as standard:

  •   All applications are adapted to meet the needs of users in the field.
  •  RFID tag usage is fully integrated with the application.
  •  All systems support Android devices, iPhones and iPads and even the older Windows mobile devices.
  •  Data is stored securely in our hosted cloud-based database – alternatively you can use your own hosting.
  •  All systems include reporting, certification and alerts tailored to the application and industry regulations.

CheckedOK – the ideal mobile inspection system

News Section Featured Image - checkedok resizedCoreRFID’s CheckedOK system is a market leader in the lifting inspection sector and is used to improve safety management in many other different areas including Non Destructive Testing, pressure vessels, pipelines, pumps and valves, personal protective equipment (PPE) and fire safety and escape equipment.

Each of these has its own inspection and reporting requirements and each has its own challenges in terms of identifying and checking the equipment in use.  Our knowledge of mobile RFID systems has allowed us to build practical solutions for a wide variety of industries.

Other mobile RFID solutions

As well as our solutions for lifting and safety inspection, we deliver mobile RFID solutions for asset management, logistics and warehousing and manufacturing.

Case studies

REACTEC case study image