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CoreRFID supplies a wide range of RFID tags, readers and labels suitable for various applications and environments.You can learn more on our RFID Technology page. or, if you know what you need, visit our on-line shop.

Helping You Choose

Choosing the right RFID hardware solution can be difficult. With so many technologies, standards and formats, the range of options open to users is very wide indeed. If you have an application that you wish to support and you are not sure which RFID technology to use, or how to integrate it with existing systems and processes, then we will be happy to discuss this or demonstrate existing systems that may be similar.

Working With The Leaders

We have long experience in supplying the right technologies to fit the individual needs of clients. We work with some of the leading suppliers of RFID technology. Find out more about them on our partner’s page.


Our experience with companies such as Xerafy, Omni-ID, Elatec, Impinj, Thingmagic, Datamars and Confidex, means we are ideally positioned to help you choose the right approach. We have also worked with all major RIFD standards across low frequency, high frequency (including NFC) and UHF.

Making It Fit

Sometimes an “out of the box” product isn’t quite right. We have worked with many manufacturers that are only too happy to help by producing customised RFID products. Perhaps tags need personalising with your company logo or service details (see examples below) or perhaps your application needs a specially designed tag. If you think your application could be achieved with customised RFID hardware find out more here and talk to us about how we can help.

A Gallery of Customised Tags