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RFID products

Tags, readers and other hardware

A critical factor in implementing an effective RFID system is choosing the right hardware. Many companies have wasted large sums on RFID products which are not suitable for the intended purpose. Tags and readers need to be compatible and suitable for the application and the environment in which they will operate.

CoreRFID can help you select the best products for your needs and carry out trials on site to before investing in the full system. We also supply a wide range of readers, tags and accessories through our online RFID shop.

RFID tags

RFID tags are an easy way to identify items such as a piece of equipment, a laptop or bag of raw materials. There is a huge range of tags available. Find out more about the different types and formats, factors to consider when choosing tags on our RFID tags page. CoreRFID can also produce customised tags for special requirements.

Hand held readers RFID Tags

RFID readers

RFID readers transmits and receives radio waves to read the data on the tags. Mobile or handheld readers allow workers to move around freely and scan items, while fixed readers are installed in strategic locations and automatically read tags on items passing by. Learn more about different types on our RFID readers page and see examples on our RFID Shop page.