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RFID software

Transform your business with RFID software

RFID systems can transform a business through their ability to track assets, streamline processes and improve safety and efficiency. Whether you are looking to add RFID capabilities to an existing application or develop a new system from scratch, CoreRFID has years of experience in developing bespoke software and can create a solution that is just right for your needs. We also offer our own system, CheckedOK, which can be configured for most applications.

Harnessing the power of RFID

Typically most organisations have physical assets, and each asset will usually have a corresponding computer record which is updated as the asset moves or its status changes. RFID provides the link between the asset and the computer record, allowing much higher levels of automation to be achieved and removing the need for human intervention. A bespoke solution will allow you to harness the capabilities of RFID to achieve maximum benefits for your business. There are three key ways we can do this.

1. Creating new applications

Creating a new application from start to finish allows us to design the system to suit your exact requirements. CoreRFID can provide a relevant specification, develop the software and determine the most effective combination of readers, antennas, power settings and tags. We will then also assist with the installation and integration with existing IT systems and provide comprehensive training and support.

Evaluations and pilot projects are a useful way to prove the concept and evaluate how well it works. We will work with you to carry out pilots and analyse the results, before going on to plan a full roll-out of the technology.

CoreRFID’s development capabilities include mobile computing platforms, database design and location tracking technologies. We can supply a mix of fixed point and handheld systems, as well as customised tags where necessary.

CoreRFID provides an Account Manager to co-ordinate RFID software development requirements with all aspects of agreed project plan. We use rapid application development approaches such as Extreme Programming to enable users to have an input at the design stage. Learn more about our solution design approach here.

2. Adding RFID to existing systems

We can also add RFID functionality to your existing IT system. We can provide API’s to exchange information with ERP or financial management systems as we have achieved with Lowe Refrigeration and VP Hire Station (see case studies below). We can also work with your chosen IT consultants to develop RFID software as an integrated component within a wider solution.

3. Customising standard software

In many cases, a standard product such as CoreRFID’s industry-leading CheckedOK solution may provide an ideas basis for a system but will need customisation. CheckedOK can be adapted it to your needs and integrated with enterprise systems.