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What we do

A leading RFID software specialist

CoreRFID is a software company specialising in IT systems that incorporate RFID and similar auto-ID technologies. Our asset management solutions are used in many industries – to track components along the production line in manufacturing, improve efficiency in warehousing and distribution, manage inspections of lifting and safety equipment, and to keep track of anything from construction equipment and IT assets to medical equipment.

As one of Europe’s leading RFID specialists, we have developed systems for many world-renowned companies. Find out more about our products and services below.

Products and services

CoreRFID Support


CoreRFID’s CheckedOK asset management system is the market leader in the lifting inspection industry and widely used across other sectors including wind farms, manufacturing, distribution and tool hire. CheckedOK can be adapted to suit wide-ranging requirements.


Customised RFID software

Where standard solutions do not fit the bill, we can work with you to develop a new system from scratch. Our expertise in RFID technology makes us the perfect development partner where integration with other technologies or corporate systems is required.

Reader handheld

RFID hardware

CoreRFID supplies a vast range of readers, tags and other items through our RFID shop and for larger projects, our team will work with you to select the optimum technology to meet your requirements.


RFID consultancy

CoreRFID can offer support projects where no standard product exists – from initial concept and design through to deployment. We can also help you resolve problems with existing RFID systems.

Find out more about CoreRFID’s story and our team on the about us page.