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Our solutions create systems designed to Assign, Identify, Track and Audit across a wide range of business assets.

Design & Development Approach

Our development approach is based on an overall, application architecture that creates systems that can be quickly implemented, can co-exist and integrate with other systems and can fit with existing processes or new processes as required.

Because so many RFID based applications involve the collection of data in the workplace, our solution architecture embraces mobile computing in its various forms.

solutions approach diagram

Connection : Collection : Consolidation : Communication

Our solution approach starts with connection to the objects in the real world. Connection is the part of the solution that links supplies, tools, assets, locations and people into the so-called ‘Internet of Things’. Automatic identification technologies such as RFID are at the heart of this.

The collection part of the solution provides the technology to access connections with the things in the world around us. Often involving the use of mobile technology, our development approach combines prototyping techniques that allow users to see how their system will work in practice with the concept of working closely with the field workers actually involved in data collection processes.

Consolidation brings the data together, linking together the information about things with times, actions and accountability data.

Finally, communication passes that information on to management, customers or to other systems.

These four aspects of the solution architecture are all based on commonly available industry standard technology wherever available. Together they make possible simple systems that can be easily implemented.

Underpinned By CoreRFID

The Connection : Collection : Consolidation : Communication architecture is underpinned by a range of services and capabilities from CoreRFID.

We help our customers to  select the right technology using our experience of over 20 years of what works in auto-id applications and our links with major technology vendors and standards bodies, we are able to help our customers chose the most appropriate technology for their specific applications.

We adapt our framework software applications, providing customers with solutions specific to their needs but based on well proven foundations.

We supply the complete solution, sourcing tags, readers, mobile computers and other technology as required.

We carry out installation, delivering and implementing the technology as required.

We provide training to technical teams, and end users or in ‘Train the Trainer’ mode.

We can provide hosting of databases or web portals, allowing solutions to be implemented with the minimum impact on the customer’s own IT operations.

Finally we support what we deliver, ensuring that our customers continue to get the benefits they seek.


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