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CoreRFID support operations recognise the importance your business will place on your RFID solution.


Continuing Support Services

CoreRFID Support

The ongoing support of RFID based solutions is a critical factor in the overall success of RFID projects.

The CoreRFID support approach is based on a customised, comprehensive, support package tuned to the customer’s needs.

On-Going Support

Continuing support for solutions involving our software applications is provided under a Support Contract which delivers, as standard:

  • Bug fix downloads
  • Support access to technical expertise using telephone, CoreRFID web site and remote desktop
  • End user, administrator or technical user contact as required
  • Operations support for hosted applications where provided

CoreRFID prides itself on speedy response and rapid fix times.

For CoreRFID supplied hardware items, CoreRFID can act on the customer’s behalf, helping to identify and resolve hardware problems.