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CoreRFID’s Development Services are tuned to the needs of customers deploying RFID technology.

RFID Software Development Skills

CoreRFID offers software solutions together with RFID readers and tags selected to fit the needs of the application. We design, develop, install and integrate applications with other existing IT systems where needed and provide training and support to customers. RFID can be used in almost any sphere of businesses and we deliver complete solutions that improve business processes, savings in costs or improvements in safety or product reliability.

We recognise that different customers have different requirements and we don’t presume any particular technology solution. We design systems to suit individual requirements and can supply a mix of fixed point and handheld systems, as well as customised tags where necessary.

We work in partnership with customers; carrying out pilots, demonstrating technology to users, introducing solutions on a phased basis and working with organisations in the customer’s extended supply chain to get the best from the solutions.

Our Development Services cover solution design & development : creating the software platform for successful RFID projects.

A Range of Capabilities

Our development projects have included:-

  • Customisation of our software platforms for complete fixed and mobile reader RFID systems.
  • Server side and client side applications including mobile development on Windows and Android platforms
  • Turnkey RFID development and integration projects.
  • RFID tag coding systems development ( with associated packing / unpacking algorithms)


solutions approach diagram

CoreRFID Development Services

CoreRFID development projects involve close working with our customers.

We provide an Account Manager to co-ordinate customer RFID software development requirements with all aspects of the customer’s own project plan .

pidion-600CoreRFID uses rapid application development approaches based on prototyping and collaborative development. We can also work with customers under such project management approaches as PRINCE2.

Agreement on project responsibilities and the project governance (including if necessary the involvement of CoreRFID management in project steering boards) is seen as a critical success factor in the delivery of RFID solutions. CoreRFID appreciates that RFID technology is often the basis of business critical systems which might require further levels of support and are happy to discuss these on a customer or site specific basis.

Solution Design & Proving

Devising effective RFID based solutions may involve experimentation to determine the most effective combination of readers, antennas, power settings and tags. CoreRFID is always happy to work with customers to determine the most appropriate solution to their business needs. If necessary CoreRFID is able to quote for consultancy, design and development work to support pilot implementations and technology evaluations as part of an overall project.

Learn more about our solution design approach here.

Development & Customisation

CoreRFID offers two approaches to RFID software development applications; development & customisation. Customisation is our preferred approach. Using, where possible, existing CoreRFID applications, we customise and adapt the software to meet the customer’s needs. Building on previously proven application code, customisation offers a speedy way to implement robust, customer specific, applications. Development creates a completely new application from scratch, matching exactly the customer’s specified requirements. CoreRFID provides relevant specification, development and testing services. Development capabilities span, portable computing platforms, database systems and web technologies.