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CoreRFID offers a comprehensive range of capabilities for organisations planning to introduce RFID technology.

Help for Implementation : Support for Operation

Introducing RFID systems can be challenging. IT Infrastructure may not be appropriate; skills in managing systems that link mobile technology to corporate databases maybe lacking; resources may not be available to train and support field staff.

CoreRFID’s experience in implementing RFID solutions means we can help.

We can provide training and installation services to enable successful introduction of RFID systems.

We  can host the database and internet portal parts of RFID based applications.


RFID in Education

Training Services

CoreRFID’s training services are tuned to meet the need of each individual client and the solution they are installing.

Training can include field staff, technical staff and “train-the-trainer” approaches for large scale deployments.

Managed, Hosted Platform

CoreRFID’s hosted managed platform allows cloud computing access to RFID based applications.

Intended specifically for applications where high availability is essential, our hosted, internet servers and database applications are monitored and managed to ensure they meet customer access requirements.

Our hosted solution allows clients to implement internet facing solutions without the problems of exposing corporate systems to internet links.