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RFID consultancy: expert advice at every stage of your project

RFID systems can drive efficiency and offer rapid return on investment but technical issues can be a real challenge for those unfamiliar with the technology. As one of the UK’s leading RFID specialists, CoreRFID offers expert advice at every stage, from initial concept and design to implementation. We can also resolve problems with existing RFID systems.

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We work in partnership with IT firms, suppliers and companies themselves, whether to advise on technical aspects or to manage and deliver the entire project. Our expertise has helped many industry leaders including Ocado to successfully adopt RFID technology and integrate it with their existing systems.

Our consultancy services include:

Proof of concept and pilot projects

Literature and other media will tell you that RFID technology has been around for years and is very simple. However there are many questions that need to be answered prior to spending money and deploying resources on a system.

For this reason, successful RFID projects often start with a small-scale trial to explore how the system will work in practice and provide data to inform investment decisions. CoreRFID designs pilots and proof of concept projects that answer the important questions – such as whether it will work in the environment, the cost and financial benefits, how it will be received by staff and clients and how well it will integrate with existing systems. We will then measure and analyse the results and recommend a way forward.

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System design and specification

With any RFID project, there is a host of different factors that need to be taken into account – such as the functionality required, the environment in which it will operate and compatibility with existing systems. CoreRFID’s technical team will assess your requirements, design the system to suit your needs, help you choose the right combination of tags and readers and draw up product specifications. We also offer software development and custom tag development.

Troubleshooting existing RFID installations

Given the complexity of RFID systems, sometimes the different elements of a system can, together, conspire to cause performance problems which can be difficult to diagnose. Addressing these issues requires the right technical skills. CoreRFID offers an independent audit consultancy service.

Implementation and training

Implementing RFID systems can be challenging for in-house staff. CoreRFID can carry out installation, link the system to existing databases and applications and tune it to the right settings. We can also provide training for field staff, technical staff and “train-the-trainer” approaches for large scale deployments.

Cloud hosting

CoreRFID offers specialist web hosting for RFID-based applications, where high availability is essential. Our servers and database applications are monitored and managed to ensure they meet customer access requirements. They allow companies to implement RFID software solutions without relying on their own corporate network.

Ongoing support

Ongoing support is a critical factor in the overall success of RFID projects. CoreRFID offers support for our own software applications as part of our standard contract which includes regular updates, access to our technical helpline with access to technical expertise as required. approach is based on a customised, comprehensive, support package tuned to the customer’s needs. We pride ourselves on speedy response and rapid fix times. In cases where we have supplied hardware items, we can identify the issues and liaise with the manufacture on your behalf to resolve them.